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Simba's journey

Updated on August 16, 2012


Wake up Daddy wake up !!!
With a falling sensation Simba jolted into conciousness, the fire had gone out long in the night, drip drip came from the overhang of the cliff he had called home for the past two full moons, watches and dates were now a thing of the past.He felt a huge pain in his chest as he forced back the tears, he had been dreaming about the happy times when his daughter would wake him up early and the day would start with the breakfast of her choice, a feeble smile creped across his scarred face as he recalled how he could never guess what she would decide to have.
Today's the day he said to himself as his eyes darted quickly across the sad vista in front of the cliff, "your getting slow he thought to himself should of check when you opened your eyes"
The world was a dangerous place and he was one of the 5% of survivors walking the earth. The summer was coming time to travel, his destination was the old welsh capital Cardiff the last known home of his daughter she was now sixteen if fate had saved her.
He had not seen her in ten years 2012 was the worst date of his life and everyone's else's on the planet. He had been in Africa when it happened "THE FALL"
The whole world lost it's way through war famine and disease, if the whispers were true this was all instigated by a autistic teenage computer hacker from china who crashed the internet.
But Simba had survived and had made the huge journey from east Africa to the UK this had taken him ten years, five years to cross Africa, four to cross Europe and one whole year to get from the south coast of England to Bristol the place of his birth. A place now famed for Chaos and cannibalism.
His cliff was safe enough he thought a hidden part of the surrounding countryside where he would spend time with his friends making fires and getting stoned when times were simple. Nobody came there and he knew it, there was no value to the place apart from the lack of value which made it a safe place to sleep.
Time to pack he thought whilst checking his belongings which could easily be carried in his small rucksack. He pulled out a small crumpled photograph of his daughter and himself, he quickly checked his surroundings with a frown across his brow, nobody looking he said as he kissed the photo. Emotion was something he had learned never to show and even though he knew he was alone the habit of checking to see who was watching was ingrained into his sinew, emotion was prayed upon and had killed more than all the disease and famine could of dreamed of.
Some he knew had lost all emotion through the stress and shock of the "FALL" but he kept his deep inside, his secret strength that had brought him on a 4000 mile journey through hell.
His secret strength was hope, hope to find his daughter alive, he would talk to himself at night saying "It's OK to have feelings just don't show them !! "
Touching the cold rock face of his cliff which would not be warmed by the sun for another month he said "I'm coming"


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    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Very interesting. I can't wait for part 2.

      Voted up!