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Sincerely, the Love That Never Was

Updated on November 30, 2017
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Alexandra Lang is a student at The Young Americans College of The Performing Arts. She specializes in acting, dancing, and writing poetry.

 Complex was never the word I wanted to use when describing us.
Complex was never the word I wanted to use when describing us.

I'm Not Leaving You Because I Want To

I never understood how people could leave someone if they truly loved them, until now.

I have so much hope for you, and everything you're going to do in your life. Your options are unlimited, and so is the sky you're beneath.

But you won't be able to accomplish everything you want with me by your side.

I am the card you can't throw away, the dream you can't let go of, the day you can't forget, the light you can't turn off, the drum you can't stop playing, the pillow you can't sleep without, the book you've read a thousand times, the song you can't stop listening to, the picture you can't stop looking at.

But all of these things get old, worn out, run thin.

The song you once loved starts driving you crazy, the words in the book all begin to look the same, the beat of the drum starts to sound just like the last, and finally one day, you find the courage to turn off that light.

I have to leave before the light you turn off is your own.

We're only in the very beginning now, but everything happens so quickly, and the things you can have without me are far greater than the things you can have with me.

I never wanted to do this, but I can't let my destruction get in the way of your radiance.

This world was made to build, grow, mature, and flourish. You are the same as this world first was.

You are pure, beautiful, and unmistakably good. It is people that destroyed this universe. And I cannot do that to you.

I never even got to tell you how special you are, how much you are going to accomplish, or how much light you've brought to me when I needed it most.

I suppose that's just what happens when you try to save someone from malevolence.

I will never forgive myself for not being everything you needed and deserved. One day we will meet again, and I will know that I did what I needed to for you.

I'm sorry I never got to tell you these things.


The Love That Never Was


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    • Luna Blue profile image

      Luna Blue 24 months ago

      Courageous and deeply vulnerable at the same time, nicely written :)