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Sinful Thoughts

Updated on December 2, 2012

Sinful Thoughts

By Reem Alirhayim

I gazed upon the dark grey sky

Sound of the wind and my heartfelt cry

Awoke the memory of sorrow and grief

In a journey and time, when I dared to ration my relief

As I stood in silence underneath the rain

I closed my eyes and pictured moments I’d rather not explain

The sound of my heartbeat echoed through my ears

As I lingered through my mistakes in the early years

My limp body shivers to the sinful thoughts

Justifying wrong doings and searching for innocence at all costs

I despised myself, and laid in dust and ashes

How could I forgive myself when I see all these flashes?

But I seek the light and guidance through the words of God

To those words my heart listened silenced and awed

O Lord You are the All Forgiving and truly kind

I ask You to forgive me, how could I have been so blind?!

Now I know that what I’ve done is from the past

It’s time I change and make sure that was the last

Of my sins that I greatly regret and truly repent

O Lord forgive me for I truly love You……


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago

      Yes, we all have weaknesses that lead to sin. Thank God for his grace and forgiveness. For we will be caught up in some kind of sin until we stop breathing.

    • Reem Alirhayim profile image

      Reem Alirhayim 5 years ago

      Thank you chuck...and don't we all have sins that need to be forgiven :)

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago


      A good poem with the positive message of a forgiving God.