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Six Months Later - Part 3

Updated on March 8, 2014

Making your way through the tunnels was fairly easy. The subtle blue light, seemingly coming out from the concrete walls, illuminates your path. Over ten minutes you and your team have been walking through the tunnels, coming into more than a few forks in the road, but always choosing right. You continued to walk, and came across a ladder, with a sign beside it. "First Floor Access," it read.

"This is it," you say. "This is the way up."

"Now we just have to find our way to the fifteenth floor, and the room where your daughter is being prepped for... you know." Jane trails off.

You know what room she's talking about. The room where your daughter will have needles coming in and out of her body. The room where she will be lying unconcious. The room where she will be made a vaccine, that could potentially save the entire world from the Infection. The room where your daughter will die, if you don't get to her in time.

You shake the thoughts away and put your foot on the metal ladder. The ladder is only a few feet high, and the top reveals a hole in the floor above you. Climbing out of the tunnels, the blue light fades away and you are now surrounded in pitch black.

Jane comes up behind you, and Omar behind her. "I can't see a thing," Omar whispers, rubbing his eyes. "I know," you tell him. "Let's just find our way out of this room for now."

You don't have a flashlight; you left the supplies you had are outside the building. Finding your way out of this room might be harder than it seems.

"Hey, Layne, you think there's a light switch in here?" You hear Jane whisper from somewhere in the dark. "There has to be. Feel the walls, you might find it that way," you reply. You walk in a random direction, your hands outstretched. Suddenly, bright flourescent lights turn on, blinding you temporarily.

When your vision adjusts, your eyes focus on the big, heavy steel door in front of you. Nothing could possibly get through it. The room you are in is a medical room, with glass cabinets and white walls and tables. Inside the cabinets are vials and bottles of strange liquids. The tables in the center of the room are covered in blood, and so is the floor under them. Bloody, used surgical tools litter the floor.

"Nice timing," Jane says aloud. "I see what they meant when they said the military performed experiments," Omar tells you and Jane. You hope your daughter wasn't one of those 'experiments'.

Footsteps make your team go silent. They are heading toward the medical room you are in. Omar and Jane grab their weapons, ready to confront whoever comes through the door. You know that is not the way to go in here. That would only cause the whole building to come after you. You have to think of something.

"Hide!" You tell your team. Hiding is the only option. To your left are a set of three gray lockers. You run over to them, and to your surprise they swing open. You step into one and close the door in front of you. In the rush, you did not see where Jane and Omar hid, but they must have hid in a good place, because you cannot see them in from the small slits in the locker door.

Beeping comes from the other side of the metal door. After a moment, you hear gas being released, and the door swings open. Two officers walk in. Their green suits and badges on their arms and chest tell you they are of a higher rank. They walk top the center of the room and look at the hole where you and you team first came out of the tunnels.

"You sure?" The officer with the mustache says. "Yep, saw three intruders, two men and a woman. Privates Dean and Cane haven't reported back, either," the one with the shaved head replies. "Their shift ended twenty minutes ago," Mustache says thoughtfully. "That's my point." "Well, they can't leave this room, the door requires a code to open. They're still in the tunnels," Mustache tells the other officer.

"Or in here." Your heart stops as the officer with the shaved head says that. If they find you, the AK-47's they have strapped to their backs will make easy work of you and your team. You have to come up with a plan. A plan that will save you, Jane and Omar.

Mustache draws his gun and looks around the room. Jane and Omar have hid well, the room looks comletely in order.

Mustache's eyes stop directly on the lockers you're hiding in. He smiles, gripping his gun tighter. The one with the shaved head is looking down into the tunnles, focused entirley on something he sees. He starts to climb down the ladder as Mustache walks toward the lockers.

Mustache reaches the lockers, and stops directly in front of yours. Through the slits in the door, you look into his eyes. Your heart stops once again. He is staring right into yours. He smiles again.

He spins around. A bottle from a cabinet fell and smashed into the floor, spilling the contents it held onto the white tile floor. "What the fuck?" Mustache says. He start to walk to the broken bottle.

This is your chance. You burst out of the locker and Mustache turns to look at you. He brings up his gun, but you grab it and twist it sharply to the left, breaking his trigger finger. He shouts, and you pull his gun away from his hand and bring it back down into the side of his head. You hear a sickening crack, and his eyes roll back into his head. He slumps to the floor.

Jane and Omar appear from their hiding spots. "Nice work," you tell them. " They high five each other. "They left the door open, let's get out while we can, and before his partner finds him here.
You walk out of the room and into the hallway outside. It presents you with three ways to go: left, down a hallway that leads to another fork, right and to a set of stairs that lead down, or straight, leading to a door that simply has a red arrow pointing up.

"I'm guessing that will take us up?" Jane says, walking ahead and to the staircase with the red arrow. You and Omar follow her. The door is heavy steel gray block on hinges. The door is unlocked, and Jane pushes it open.

The staircase on the other side is simliar to the underground tunnels; concrete. There is very little light here, and shutting the door behind you makes it almost pitch black. "Smells like shit," Omar whispers, wiping his nose. You sniff in response.

The stairs lead to a small concrete platform, from which another set of stairs take you the opposite direction you were just walking in. The door leading to the second floor comes into view. It is exactly the same to the one downstairs.

"Jane, I'll take the front, cover our six," you say. You don't want anyone else losing their life for your mission. Jane takes the rear, and you push up against the cold, hard metal door. You put your ear against it, and try to hear anything that will tell you if it is safe to head inside.

You don't hear anything. You look back to Jane and Omar and give them a small nod, signifying that you think the coast is clear. You grab your bow and load an arrow. With one hand, you grab the door handle and slowly push it open.

The other side brings you another fork. Left or right. Right has been working for you lately...

Click! The soft sound of the safety being taken of a gun makes you turn around. The soilder with the shaved head has left the undergorund tunnel, and is now pointing the AK-47 at you and your team.

"There you are," he laughs. "Come with me."

You stand still.

"Do you want to get your heads shot off? I said, come with me," he repeats. You slowly walk past Jane and Omar and down the stairs, towards the soldier. He doesn't take the gun off of you.

"Now, I don't want any trouble. All of you will follow me, and do exactly as I say. The three of you, get in a single file line in front of me. Now." He moves so you can get in line.

You let Jane and Omar get in front of you, taking the rear. The solider pokes you with the gun and forces you to walk. He is taking you down the set of steps you passed before. It's a basement, with the same concrete walls and subtle blue light seemingly coming out of the walls. Rusted brown pipes line the ceiling.

You come across a fork. "Left," the soldier says. Jane turns left and leads the group. The path leads to a wooden door with a heavy steel lock. The soldier walks in front of Jane and unlocks it, pointing with his gun and signaling you to step inside.

The walls inside are a white material, and the floor is covered in white tiles. Uncomfortable wooden chairs and a wooden table are in the center. "Each one of you, take a seat. Do not move." You and your team take seats. You sit in the back, facing the wooden door. The soldier looks at you one last time, then walks out, closing the door. You hear the loud click of him locking it.

You wait a few seconds, then smash your fist on the table. Putting your head in your hands, you realize how bad this is. Valuable time is being wasted. Your daughter could be under surgery at this very moment. Or dead.

"We'll get out of this," Jane tells you. "We always do."

You appreciate her optimism, but you do not see a way of of this.

After a few moments, you hear the sound of multiple people walking towards the room. The door unlocks, and in step the same soldier with the shaved head, and a new, obviously higher rank general, who is wearing a green uniform with a green and black cap. A gold badge on his shirt gleams from the single light buld in the room. The general nods to the soldier, then looks at you. The soldier leaves and locks the door behind him.

The General smiles. "Why?"

You stare at him.

"Why would you ever sneak into a restricted military base? What? Are the Infected not bad enough?" He laughs, then paces around the room. "I should kill you right now. How should I know you're not infected? Trying to bring the infection to a military base that is trying to save you. You realize we have a cure, don't you?"

Your heart skips a beat. You clench your fists under the table.

"Now, tell me one good reason why I should let you live." The general stops in front of you. You glare at him, silent.

"Well, it was nice meeting you all," he says, and pulls out a pistol from his back. He loads it, and points it straight at your head. "Last words?" He asks.

You look staright at the gun.

"She's my daughter."

The general stares at you. He lowers the pistol. Jane and Omar are looking down, only listening. "What do you mean?" He asks you.

"She's my daughter," you say again.

The general is silent. Your heart is pounding. Under the table, you load an arrown into your bow.

"Well," the general starts. "I guess I really do have to kill you." He raises the pistol again and takes off the safety.

Suddenly, Omar flips the table over. It smacks the general's hand, knocking the pistol to the floor. You and Jane stand up, and Omar grabs a chair and smashes the generals head with it, knocking him the the ground. You swoop down and grab the pistol. Jane grabs the general and props him up against the wall.

You kneel down and face the general, bleeding heavily from his nose. "How the tables have turned," you say, smiling. The general spits blood at your face. You laugh and wipe it off, smashing the gun on the side of his head. "Fuck!" He whimpers.

"Now, cooperate. or I will have to kill you." The general looks at you again. "That girl that you're going to kill for a god damned cure is my daughter. Tell me exactly where in the fifteenth floor she's in, and I will let you live."

The general laughs. "Fuck you. We all know how that went last time," he says, looking at Jane. You remember how she killed the soldier after he had given you the information you wanted. Jane smiles.

"Well, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way," you tell the general. "And what makes you think I'm going to tell you shit? I'm a fucking general in the fucking army. I take orders from no one, especially a group of survivors like you."

You laugh. Time is ticking away. "I will find her whether you tell me what I want or not. You can cooperate, or that rank you have in the army will be for nothing."

"Your daughter is the cure for mankind! She will save everyone! You can't stop something like that. She may be your daughter, but you have to let her go. Do you understand? Let her go!"

You stand up. He will not be any help. You point the gun at his head.

"Kill me," the general says. "I hope the only way you see your daughter again is in a vial."

You shoot him, splattereing his blood and brains on the wall behind him. The soldier with the shaved head hears the shot and rushes in the room. He looks at the now dead general, then at you. You quickly shoot him before he can run and alert anyone else.

Jane and Omar look at you.

"What?" You ask. Tossing the gun to Omar. He catches it, then puts it back on the floor. "What are you doing?" You ask him, picking it up and handing it to him again. He doesn't take it.

"I thought this would be a quick Find & Rescue mission, not a killing spree," Omar tells you. "Look at how many people we've, you've had to kill. We've lost Nicholas and Jason because of this." You stare at him.

"This is a Find & Rescue mission. We're here to save Ellie. You know that. I was honest with you from the beginning. I said I wouldn't let anyone stand between me and my daughter. If you want to bail out now, go ahead. I won't stop you, but you sure as hell won't stop me from finding Ellie."

You hand him the gun again, and he takes it this time. You look at Jane. "You still with me?" She nods softly, then pickes up the AK-47 from the soldier. You grab your bow and walk out of the room. You hear a slight hesitation from Jane and Omar, but they start following you a moment later.

You make your way back up the the first floor, and notice an elevator to the right of the set of stairs leading up. How did you miss it before? You run over to it and push the up arrow. A few seconds later, the doors open and you step in. Jane and Omar step in with you. The inside is completely white, except for the buttons, which are a clear plastic. They go up the the twentieth floor. You look at your team, then press the button for the fifteenth floor. The elevator hums in response, then slowly starts moving upward.
You grip your loaded bow tighter. Your daughter is close. You can feel it. Jane and Omar give each other concerned, but ready, looks. You look at them. Jane looks away and Omar nods.

You look at the display bar above the elevator door.

11. 12. 13. 14.

You raise your bow as the doors open.


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