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Skeletons,a poem

Updated on January 16, 2012







Somewhere in a dark corner, lie the skeletons of the past.

We try to keep them quiet, but their silence doesn’t last.


They speak of all the wrongs and rights, and secrets that we hide.

They tell the world our weaknesses, and reveal all of our lies.


They tell of all the painful things that fill us with regret.

They follow us like a shadow, and whisper, don’t forget.


They tear lives apart, and fill our minds with shame.

When we are confronted, we try to misplace the blame.


They call to us at night, at times keeping us awake.

The deceit that we live with is more than we can take.


We never look them in the eyes; we try to turn away,

But our skeletons never rest; they are with us every day.


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 6 years ago

      You know for such a young woman , you should have no skeletons in the closet , thas for us old guys lol.....:-} This IS awesome though!

    • dadibobs profile image

      dadibobs 6 years ago from Manchester, England

      Wonderful poem. I love the flow and imagery.

      Awesome and up.