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5 Books that Sky Warrior Books Recommends for Writers

Updated on March 24, 2015

Wondering what writing books we recommend at Sky Warrior Books when it comes to writing and editing your books? Here are the books we recommend to our authors, and to writers who would like to sell to us.

How to Write a Damn Good Novel

This book by James N. Frey is terrific for those people who are writing their first novel. It gives you clear-cut guideline for the basics of good writing along with some very clear examples in books you've no doubt heard of, if not read. This book is a bestseller and has been in print for some time (since 1987), but it still rings true on everything Frey says. This book will bring your writing to the next level, especially if you're just getting started.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the basics of writing a novel. If you don't get it, you'll regret not having read this sooner when you finally learn these skills the hard way. For years, this book sat on my bookshelf unread. When I did finally read it, I smacked myself because I learned this stuff the hard way.

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How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II

Like the first of James N. Frey's books, this one needs to be on your bookshelf. It deals with more advanced techniques every writer should have in his or her toolbox. Covers pacing, characterization, and so much more. You can't go wrong getting and studying these two books.

I actually read this book before the other one. (Yeah, yeah...) I should have read both in order, but both will work regardless of whether you read them out of order or not. An exceptional book with plenty of examples.

The Writer's Journey

The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler is a must-have when it comes to writing books on your bookshelf. In it, he breaks down the hero's journey, also known as a quest story. This is one of the oldest types of stories humans have and it works in us because of its archetypes. You'd be foolish to not have this book and read it thoroughly.

The Writer's Journey follows the Joseph Campbell's hero's journey and makes sense of it in writing fiction. You get the archetypical quest story broken down, including all the elements.

Save the Cat!

I learned about this book fairly recently and when I started reading it, I said "oh, yeah!" Yes, this is a screenwriter's book, but the novel writer would do well by reading it. This guy clearly gets the archetypes and how to put together a terrific story. It's funny, it's witty, and it's helpful. You need this book.

The 10% Solution

The 10% Solution

The 10% Solution by Ken Rand is the best book out there for self-editing, bar none. I tell all my authors to read it, memorize it, and use it before turning in their books to me. If you submit any writing to us, read and use this book. It's short and easy to read. You'll get it read in maybe a couple of hours, if you're a slow reader.

If you want a book with lists that tells you "do this to improve your writing," this is the book for you. It is so simple, and makes so much sense, that there are definite followers of this method.


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