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Slanted Perspective

Updated on February 13, 2015

Altered States of Mind

Expansies by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka
Expansies by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka | Source
Mysterious Forest
Mysterious Forest | Source

Walk through the magic forest of imagination.

Listen to the cicada pulling on your mind and let yourself fall in to become part of the sound... vibration.

Rest in the song nature sings to you.

Allow mother earth to caress and purify you, a ground for your stress release.

Feel the wind lovingly play with your hair as the warm sun shines its raw power on your face.

Secret angels dancing in the trees. They hide in beams of sunlight. Open your love to them and maybe some day they will wave to you?

Just on the edge of normal vision ...what is it?

Can you See it? Or maybe feel it? More than one. What do you think this is a photo of? It was taken at a famous place, where?
Can you See it? Or maybe feel it? More than one. What do you think this is a photo of? It was taken at a famous place, where? | Source

Is reality a spiral?

Spiral of colors
Spiral of colors | Source

Reality is our perspective of it

and we can change perspectives.

Poems and views from a slanted perspective.

Poetry is an expression of heart to convey a beautiful mental image of changing views.

Motion in Poetry

Playing music (even listening to it) is a form of meditation!

In the sea of dreams we begin to fly,

picking feet up to walk on the sky..

Step back ... into calm silence ... sneak a peek ... enjoy the view

It's all a reflection of ... YOU!

Reality is a reflection of mind ...

Mind is a reflection of consciousness ...

Consciousness is a reflection of awareness ...

Awareness is pure ...

We are all the same pure awareness!

Social conditioning is our agreement ... our limiting tool.

Only You can define your limits for you!

Play along with the game pretending its most important,

knowing in the grand scheme of things,

its all just a summer days dream.

Play with perceptions, have fun ...

Travel with a silly old fellow

toasting mental marshmallows

one broken tooth left to chew his gum

slips deep into dreams as you follow.

Meditation can teach silent mind

to See beyond the whispers of inner dialog.

Moving meditation is another key

Life is a form of meditation, if we let it be

Spend some time with yourself.

Empty Bliss leads to much more

Learn to collect and focus life energy

Slowly increasing self awareness

Awaken to infinity ...

Moving Spiral

Eye ball spiral Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka
Eye ball spiral Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka | Source

© 2011 Randy Hirneisen


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    • Randy Horizon profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Hirneisen 

      7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank you Misty

    • misty95 profile image


      7 years ago from uk

      like it.


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