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Sleep Is a Jester.

Updated on May 20, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

That Mr. Mel A. Tonim is such an elusive guy.

That Sandman is a son of a beach

Sleep just keeps
leaping over my head
it has eaten
all the sheep
I was counting
in bed and now
they're all dead...

Headlights are
my next choice
floating like the
whites of two eyes
over the walls
of my room
as folks up
even later than I am
drive down my street

These I watch
counting them by twos
as they
briefly light up my room
through blinds that
are more 20/20 for sure
but the social lives
of all my
nieghbors are far less
then the snoozes
I get from
counting their headlamps

I have yawned
and excersized
my gaping jaw
at least fifty times

each one 

a false alaRM

When I was a small boy
I would simply
bang my head
to get tired

on my pillows
till dreams
overwhelmed me
but at my age
I'd surely get
a brain annuerism 

plus my neck is to sore
to be pounding
the feathers from
two pillow that feel
like two rocks
lumped together
sleep is truly 

a cruel jester
he teases then leaves
so the next time
he shows up
to mock me again
I'll kidnap him
and tie him to
my bedpost
and then I might 

be able to snore
while he grieves
for all the other
insomniacs he
will not be torturing
for a long while. 
Or I'll keep him around
playing loud music
and banging the walls
Until he begs to lay down
and be allowed some rest
that's when I'll trade him
a year's worth of good sleep
and when he grants me
my wishes I will free him
and toss him out on the lawn
so that all my next day's
will be good ones
with nary a yawn
Oh, hell it's almost dawn
perhaps a warm bath
will make me feel like crashing
but I always doze off in the tub
which risks drowning
and finding eternal seep
So I just got up
and my face got
a cold splashing
which I dried off
then I got dressed
and stired up some
wakes from a cup
of fresh coffee
but when I got 

into my car 

and starting 

driving to work
that damn jester
of sleep
was waiting for me
stretched out in
the back seat
and making me
very suddenly drowsy
as I pulled off of the road
feeling weary and lousy
so I closed my eyes just
for a minute or so
or at least that's
what I thought
cause the next thing I konw
I woke up in the dark
in time to go back to bed
where I wound up again
wide awake one a.m.
counting more sheep
in my head
as sleep's jester
slipped in with a smirk
that made all the
sheep all bleet
and then oops they
were dead!

leaving me still 

dead to the world

but not sleeping !!

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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