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Sleep Is A Jester.

Updated on January 28, 2010

Sleep it leaps
just over my head
it has eaten the sheep
I was counting
in bed
they are all dead...
headlights are
my next choice
like two eyes
I watch
counting by twos
as they're
floating across
but the social lives
of all my
nieghbors are less
then the snoozes
from counting them
oops I digress
when I was a small boy
my pillow I'd bang
with my head till I tired
on sleeps brink I'd hang
till dreams overwhelmed me
while lullabies sang
but my neck is to sore
to be pounding the feathers
from a pillow that feels
like two bumps lumped togehter
for sleep is a jester
he teases then leaves
so I'll kidnap him soon
and then snore while he grieves
tying him to the bedpost
I'll keep him around
inducing with drugs
till he begs to lay down
then when I'm refreshed
he goes out on the lawn
so my next day's a good one
with nary a yawn
hey!!! it's almost dawn
perhaps a warm bath
will make me feel like crashing
but I dozed in the tub
and my face got a splashing
so I dried off and dressed
stirring wakes from a jar
of fresh instant coffee
and got into my car
where old sleepy was siting
and making me drowsy
I pulled off of the road
feeling weary and lousy
so I closed my eyes just
for a minute or so
or that's what I thought
cause the next thing I konw
I woke up in the dark
time to go back to bed
wide awake one a.m.
counting sheep
in my head
sleep slips in with a smirk
sheep all bleet
oops their dead!





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