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Sleeping Children

Updated on August 31, 2013

As I watch my children sleep, I see their dreams unfold. They see their spirits rise unceasing, To the days of old,

Where planets danced their sacred dance, And lives began anew. And as they watched the time unfold, New grace within them grew.

And then one day they left their home, To come to live on earth. With families they chose to hold, With families knew their worth.

At times they see what we cannot, The future they possess. And with each passing day we see, Their growth it does progress.

What is it their minds eye sees? These children born this time, As I look in them I do see, The spirit within them shine.

Perhaps, yes one day we will learn, Just what they know inside. The secrets of the universe, Nevermore to hide.

And with our understanding see, These spirits train us all. To live our lives and notwithstanding, We may learn the call.

The universe it beckons them, To teach us everyone. The love which guides them every day, They heed the spirit one.

With wisdom in their eyes they know, Just what it is to be. A part life, the lives of all, Throughout infinity.

So let us all be every day, Desire within us yearn. To teach to ponder and to play, Let all within us learn.

For the children in their hands possess, More knowledge than is found. In any school or edifice, That sets on solid ground.

May we all seek the knowledge, May we all seek the truth. Let child be our college, With child we find our youth.

Kari Shinal Copyright-Nov. 2006


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