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Sleepless in the unknown

Updated on July 8, 2011

I have wept with the thick sandy tears of the tide

I have burned in sorrow like wild fires in the night

I have loved with the fierce hunger of a lion

And I have lost with the emptiness of silence

To all this I have gained and toiled and lost again

Bloodied hands torn in a grimace of pain

Angelic winds upon the breath of love

And yet the answers to my heart are locked

I have felt the warmth of distilled wheat and barley

I have felt the cold of deep lake water in February

I have tossed care aside and loved deeply

And I have been swallowed in despair

To all this I have Forgotten and remembered and loved again

Under guise of friendly advice I have swooned

In sleepy eyes I have gathered the moon

In mountains of passion I have leapt

And yet I have been pulled into the depths of sorrow




My soul is unknown to you




My soul is bound to you

I will weep tears born from your tongue

I will feel fear born from your heart

I will see hate deep in your eyes

And I will parish in love for it all

© 2011 Warren Curtis Daniels Jr


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