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Slender - A Horror Story

Updated on July 8, 2014

The woods were silent. The only sound I could hear was the slight whistle the wind made as it cut through the leaves above my head. The moon was full, illuminating the woods with a subtle white glow. The dirt ground was cracked and dry, and the smell of pine and dead wood was strong.

I couldn't leave. He had brought me here, to His forest. He wanted me here for a reason, and I had to find out why.

I turned on my black metal flashlight. It was a heavy duty one, used for cave exploring, but it didn't seem to do much as I walked aimlessly through the tall trees, searching for something, anything, to help me. I felt in my pocket for my phone, and to my relief, felt it. I pulled it out and tried calling, my I had no signal. I couldn't be too far from any power lines... or civilizaton.

I tried to put my phone back in my pocket, but I accidentally dropped it. It hit the ground with a thud, and suddenly, my flashlight went out. "Damn it," I whispered. I dropped to my knees, feeling the rough, hard ground with my hands, hoping to find my phone. I crawled around, and felt the cool plastic surface of my cell. I picked it up and put it into my jeans pocket.

I hit my flashlight a few times, but my flashlight remained dead. Fustrated, I threw it against a tree and it burst into life, illuminating a boulder to my left. For a brief second, I thought I saw the outline of a tall, very pale man, dressed in a suit. Before I could be sure, the flashlight fell to the ground. I quickly picked up my flashlight and aimed it back at the boulder. Nothing.

I looked around. The trees cast strange shadows, twisted, bent. I walked forward, at least I thought. In ten minutes I was back at the same boulder. I sighed. I was about to turn around when something caught my eye. A page, stuck on the boulder. I made my way to it, completely focused on the page. It was a sheet of notebook paper, seemingly torn off. On it was the drawing of a tall figure, with long arms and legs. He was wearing a suit. He also had no face.

I folded the sheet of paper and put it in the pocket of my jacket. I continued in any direction I thought I hadn't explored yet, looking for more signs. Another page, perhaps.

Multiple times I would see a dark, tall figure out of the corner of my eye. It was always behind a tree, or a boulder. I could never see it straight-on, almost as if it was... teleporting.

After another ten minutes of walking, I came across a car. It was rusted brown, it's tires completely flat. There was no way I could use it, but maybe it had something inside I could find.
I pried open a door, and it completely fell off its hinges. I laughed, feeling funny for finding something comedic in a place like this. I got into the car, but its insides had been emptied out.

The only thing I found was a folded piece of notebook paper, under the driver's seat. I got out of the car and unfolded it.

Blood. That was the first thought that came into my mind. There was writing on the page, in what seemed like dried, crusted blood.


One simple word was enough to get my heart pounding. My flashlight started to flicker. I looked to my left, and there. It was the figure. A tall, pale man, with long arms and legs, in a suit. He had no face.

My adrenaline shot. I quickly turned around, but I tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. My flashlight went out. I pushed myself up and ran. My blood was pumping through my veins, and I ran towards the only thing I could see. A building.

I ran, seemingly never getting closer to the structure. I had a strange ringing in my ears, and a slight headache.

Finally, the structure started to get closer. It was one story high, made entirely of bricks, easily 50 feet in length. It had multiple entrances, and the walls and floor were made of white marble tiles. My flashlight started to work again, and I stepped inside, my shoes making a clicking sounds on the floor.

It was like a maze, the long corridors all seemed the same. Some led to empty white rooms, others led to a wall, other seemed to never end. As I entered what I thought was the last room I would find, the faint ringing in my ears returned. My head started to hurt, and I quickly looked around.

Another page, stuck on the wall.

"He is always watching."

The same, red ink that seemed like blood was used.

I looked at the doorway I had entered from. I was scared, terrified to go back out. A fear I had never experienced before gripped me in it's ice cold hands. I got goosebumps, and the ringing in my ears got louder, the headache almost unbearable.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed my head. It felt as if it was splitting in two. The pages I had collected fell from my pocket and onto the marble floor. Suddenly, as fast as it had come, the headache and ringing stopped. I gasped for air, feeling relieved. The sensation I had experienced was horrible. I had felt immoblized, paralyzed by fear. I could do nothing.

I stood up, stashing the pages in the pockets of my jackes. I had 3. Were there more? If so, how many? Would this be an endless search for something that wasn't even here? I had to find out.

I made my way out of the building and into a clearing. Orange, rusted gas tanks lay in front of me, row by row. I walked toward them, shining my flashlight around. There were twenty, four rows of five. One of the tanks had what seemed like a bullet hole on the side. The ground under it was stained black. Near the top, almost unreachable, was a fourth page. The same red writing was on it, but I couldn't make out the words

I jumped and reached for it, but I only managed to rip off the corner. After a few moments, I managed to knock it down by throwing rocks at it. It glided to the ground. Picking it up, I saw what was written on it.

"You will die."

I stared at the paper, not knowing what to make of what it said. There, the faint ringing and slight headache were coming back. He was near.

I ran, for the second time. Although it was much harder now, exhausted, tired, and weak. I ran blindly, into the pitch black woods. Every shadow made me think the He was there, waiting for me. The trees seem to have gotten taller, and the ground was soft. It no longer smelled like pine, more like rotten wood.

I stopped at a set of wooden pillars, in the middle of a clearing. The pillars looked man-made, extruding from the dirt ground. There were ten, two rows of five, and on the one farthest from me, was a fifth page, stuck onto the surface of the wood.

I rushed to it, picking it up and reading the red words scribbled on it.

"There is no escaping your fate."

I put the folded paper into my pocket, and looked ahead. Among the trees, I saw a figure. This one was smaller than me, around 5'6, with long black hair and a gray hood. It stared at me, it's eyes not giving any sign of light. I shined my flashlight at it, trying to get a better look. As soon as the light hit the figure, it pulled up it's hands defensively, as if to protect itself. It shook, and spun around. It took off.

"Hey!" I shouted, running after it. "I'm not going to hurt you!" I made my way through the trees, jumping over rocks and rushing through bushes. Branches seemed to come out of nowhere and scratched at my face and arms. The little light my flashlight gave off was barley helpful.

At last, I reached a huge clearing, almost a mile in diameter. At the far end, I noticed a huge tunnel, cutting through a mountain. And sure enough, the hooded figure entered the structure. The mouth of the tunnel was completely pitch black, and I wondered if t was a good idea chasing after the figure. After all, my flashlight was losing power.

I decided against my gut and made my way to the tunnel's entrance. Every step I took, it only got bigger, and darker. After a few moments of walking, I was outside, staring at a thirty feet tall silo, made of concrete. I shook my flashlight, but to no avail. My heart was pounding, and my adrenaline was through the roof.

Slowly, I made my way into the belly of the beast.


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