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Smallest Possesion

Updated on July 7, 2016

I actually arrived for the interview on time, in fact, i was one hour early so while waiting for the time to ripe, she dazzled in and a good eye calculation on her landed me on the point that she has class but who will be controlling a fortune worth millions in cash and will not be in form and on point when dressed? A closer look on her wrist revealed a shinning blistering petal, not the regular gold but white gold embroiled with real diamonds.

Standing in front of this elegant young lady who is four years younger but naturally better and well placed in the society left me nervous and although i have faced tougher opponents in my search for freedom, she beat me. She asked technical questions and her good command of English language threw me off and on the court but as an amateur, my steady eye contact on her helped me regained balance each time she knocked me down.

She looked at my wrist in one interval and asked me the brand i was putting on as she pointed her wrist and cheerfully told me that she had an Armani wrist watch worth $15k. I smiled and told her that i had an unbranded wrist watch bought along the road from one aboki for 500 bulks. She told me that i stood the chance not to ever gain access to the company premises talk more of gaining an employment with my wrist watch alone...

... But mam i said, it accurately keeps time, it is water resistant and solar enable, believe me i have worn it for 8 years and have never had course to reset it.

- So if this your wrist watch is thrown into a cup of water, it won't spoil?

-Mam, not even into the Atlantic.

-I don't believe you

Well, the experiment on my wrist watch proved me right and after thirty minutes in a mug of water, she looked at me pointing at my wrist watch and was like...

-You mean that thing is still working?

-Mam, i told you earlier.

The interview that was scheduled for an hour lasted for approximately four hours with the adventure of my wrist watch as the start of a new dawn. She called in all the 45 member team that hold the company and displayed my wrist watch of 500 naira, compared it to her own of fifteen thousand dollars and the difference is clear she said...

.... no matter your position in life, you are extremely important and the most educated person is not always the most qualified to handle a task, you might not own a car but that doesn't mean that you cannot enter a car, look at my 15k wrist watch, it can't even resist a splash of water, i have changed the battery twice within three years but his is just a common cheap wrist watch yet better than mine in value, it is solar enable, it can resist water and has never been reset for years.

She turned at me and shook my hands while the entire staff gave me a sound ovation then the unexpected happened as she shouted a question....

- Mr Edward holds a B.SC in computer science, graduated with second class honor seven years ago and has been hunting for job, he has no previous experience but he is young, dynamic and team oriented so do anyone here believe that he is qualified to join us?

Well, imagine the rest of this story because its been five years and i have my own cars, two kids and a wonderful wife that enabled me to understand the basic principal of life and also the value of the smallest possession.

"What will be will be coz there is a season for every fruit". Rossi Mobis

My Family...


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 20 months ago from Biafra

      Yea DreamerMeg, i am glad to have you around and agreeing with me means a lot. Thanks for your support

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 20 months ago from Northern Ireland

      Sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference, as you say.