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Updated on July 1, 2017

Where do you stand?

Do you wish to excel, or are you afraid of being outflanked by someone else? That feeling is a reminder to you that you are in the middle. So what insight can we draw from this?

First, if you are a victim of injustices, think about this: the perpetrators of those injustices are also in the middle. You may be below them in clout, yet, they themselves have someone to report to Human here or supernatural above. Can you take comfort in that?

Next, are you poor or needy? You are also in the middle. Although your experience may not be pleasant nor your gifts big enough, you are still someone else's solution. So, use your encounter to give in an important way, then watch the space for a far greater exchange.

Now, are you complacent with your achievements, think about this: you may be better than someone else, but it is only a matter of time: someone else will learn enough about you to exceed your expectations. So where do you find yourself again? In the middle.

We are never masters over anything, we are just caretakers in everything including marriage, the corporate world, simple and complex things. When we nurture this knowledge, we will stop feeling superior, but utilize the time we have to make meaningful impacts before someone else takes over our borrowed territory.


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