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Snipe Hunt.

Updated on December 4, 2009


'S N I P E-----=> H U NT ! ! ---------------------------   =>  


Early morning haze...

rush hour time
people hurrying ...scurrying
like bugs on a

web of concrete
most moving

faster then usual
for there is an

edge in the air.

A spider in the

midst of the
daily routines

intent on
disruption by madness.

Many Folks eyes

glancing rabidly
to rear view mirrors
pupils rolling
at stop lights
praying for green..
screaming at yellow
cursing the red when
it blazes it's command.

Hearts jackhammer

high above
the concrete street
in SUV's and V.w.'s
and Lexus limiteds
streets quite bare...

Feet dash in

clipped cadences
upon exiting

buildings or autos
over to the next t

hreshold of safety

A game of tag...
that could end

in a toe tag
delivered by a
white box truck
cruising at normal speed.

Hooded eyes sharp
with razor edged lids
watching for prey

but also for hunters
tin badged maggots
that would steal

the thunder
that has felled nine :( now..
and next comes ten.

Like death on wheels
he roams selecting
the next to fall.

With one clean shot,
a wicked smirk

twists his face,
new headlines

scattered on the seat,
his name in bold

though not yet known.

It is of him

the daily pulp
is printed on the pulp
of long dead trees
the trees that shelter
his cruel deeds.

He cackles when he
sees them bleed,
his only goal kill
then recede,
the target has

been spotted now,
quite perfect it will cause,
ripples of shock

to stretch anew
across the miles....

new terror strewed.

He slows without
it looking planned
pulls in the shade

of tall oak trees
removes a rifle

once encased
an extension of

his phallic power.

The moment's now

..the killing hour
as a mamma lifts

the tiny babe
from the stroller,

Where it reaches up
anticipating mother's warmth
mom's bellie's round
with new life too
and in three months
there will be two.

He waits to set

the rifle on
his cheekbone for

the perfect sight
of a baby snug

against a mom
whose carrying two...

a coup de grace
to kill all three

with one tight shot
a hollow point

that tumbles round
inside their organs..

 rip and tear
and leave no hope

of healing there.

His one eye squints,
he holds his breath
when it's released
with it comes death.

His finger squeezes
oh so slight
the trigger that

will bring delight
to his sick soul

when late tonight
he masturbates

over the sight
of mama...babe..

and unborn's plight .

The seconds slow

the babies held
chest high by mom

a perfect meld
his finger moves a tiny bit
about to score

the perfect hit .....


Then...." B L A M ...B L A M...B L A M !!!"
his head explodes...
brain tissue spatters
life erodes...
in a blur of red
and white and black,
his body slumps..his finger slack.

His rifle clatters

to the floor
his soul arises

 to the roar
of demons as

they snatch away
all that he was

for this he'll pay.

The baby coos

and mamma smiles
feeling the kick

of unborn child
as silently I drive away
snipe hunt complete..
it's judgement day.

no pleas..

no insane claims
that he lost his head...

he's so ashamed
no life in prison

he's to blame
I caught him using

his own game
it's over...I blew

out his brains
now Maryland

can sleep again.



*A scenario I wish I could have exacted.



As an ex-marine sharpshooter

this was my fantasy....

to have had one clean shot

at this illiterate scrotum

and remove a scab

from the flesh of our nation....

I wish I could've  tracked him....

and moved him from a white box truck

into just a plain white box.....


Written October 13th, 2002

during the tag team sniper shootings in Maryland


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