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Snow capped Mountain

Updated on June 5, 2017
I do not own the rights, free upload laws apply.
I do not own the rights, free upload laws apply. | Source

Snow capped Mountain

Visible through our window

The howling of the wind as it forcefully

Slams shutters against frosty windows.

Inside, the warmth of the fireplace lends an air

Solitude, from the bustle of Holiday traffic,

The noisy countenance of humanity.

We lounge across from the fireplace.

Scotch, a Gentleman's drink

I watch as you swirl, your glass letting it breathe

The liquid splashing against clear glass.

You sip its fragrance as across from me, your heated look.

The one I'm very familiar with.

I hold your gaze, for what seems an eternity. Cheeks burn,

A shyness I had thought disappeared throughout the Years, returns

I turn away, hence you see, what the passages of time has yet to reveal.

Still the same little Girl you once knew.

Passion filled, yet, naïve.

I fidget, under your continued stare.

As trees battered by layers of snow catches my attention.

The howling of the wind again transfixed.

Yet I am aware of your presence.

Again as in Yester Year, you slowly rise, extending your hand.

And as I've done, previously, I wordlessly, take your hand as you lead.

The dance continues.


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