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Some people deserve red card

Updated on October 20, 2013

I have come to terms that my friends are the best part of my life. Through them, i have come to understand what life is really about. You see, i have come across so many people who happen to either stay or go and In one way or the other,i have hurt few but on the contrary, a lot of these people have hurt me but all the same, i have more friends than enemies.

Reflecting on my life has also put me in the position to understand my likes and balance it with the dislikes of others thereby helping me to be a brothers keeper and so far, i would say that i have been able to win my friends in arguments, i also make my points known no matter how complex the case might be and above all i have been able to be more valuable to my friends instead of them to me.

Considering where i am right now in life, the people i know and the value we put into each other has enabled me to be at guard and to skip any situation that would be a forging ground to hurt someone. Therefore, i have come to terms that so many people don't actually matter in my life so i overlook what they say about me but watch what they want to do to hurt me.

What does it profit me i ask if i should gain all my friends and gain no place to rest my head?

We went hunting, the four of us then all of a sudden, my dear friends considered my legs that of an animal and decided to hunt me instead. What did i do?

Believe me, it doesn't matter if what i have right now is just myself, some people actually need red card in my team.

"Beware of hypocrites, they kill from within"

"The only thing i have seen that is worst than a liar is a liar that is also a hypocrite"

"The repentance of a hypocrite is hypocrisy in every sense"

"Some hate you but pretend they love you"

"As we grow older we don’t lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are"


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