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My Soldier Is Comming Home!

Updated on August 4, 2010
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My Soldier,

I saw you coming home from a distance

I heard the rumbles of the war that held your attention

I saw the dust from the distance

I prayed and God has never let me down

I never doubted

And I called for you

You stepped through and appeared to

my eyes

That's when I knew you heard my call

My Soldier,

You are a Inspiration to me

You are a offspring of my being

You are the joy of my smiles

You are my height at my smallest


You have sacrificed and protected my future

Welcome Home.

Dedicated to my Son(JWS) and Son-in-law(JT)




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  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks stars439.

    God Bless you as well!

    Sharon Smith

  • stars439 profile image

    stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    Very lovely. God Bless You