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Solemn, Bare Breast

Updated on November 16, 2016

Laying with solemn breast bare upon blanket and hallucination, baby star is born. Highway against remote and a quite familiar highway, she gleams upon motored language. Towns are very much the same. Rationality breeds excellence and I must give all, altogether my expectations and bravery to the puddle against bare beaten highway. She is manic, never matching price against sacrifice. There I stand, hundreds of years gaining, echoed from the past time of star and highway. Um, place those fingernails of rose and amber against shoulder blade and breast. I have never found rest inside the test of all time and reason. Highway of breast bare, she fastens the thought pattern of highway and star. She and I alone, are the star. Far away in a terrestrial beyond motive, there she sits with solemn, bare breast.


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