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Solid kid

Updated on March 10, 2017

Picture 1



Just a dog locked Up in a cage Be careful just in case

Many faces in the suitcase Lose yourself Without a trace

You an artist don't trace

Swung the mace Keep a pace

Too much breathe Leave them constipate

Ran too much feeling desperate

Now they dying at a rate

Hit the Weed till my pupils dilate

Tony the tiger I'm feeling great

Momma said don't come home too late

Increase to a fatal fate

Wondering when will it be my date

Ran the whole mile

While Katz Hated me cause of my profile

Beating Them With my Kung Fu Style

Don't get to wild

Settle it down for awhile or end up in a Hit mans file

A special contract never voided

Don't try to avoid it

Baby in a diaper soiled it

Got the pot now he boiled it

Bagged it

then he sold it.....

Just a solid kid

Art 1


Something for you all :)


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