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Some Connections Hard to Ignore

Updated on July 1, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


On the surface, climate change is supposed to be based on science while socialism is a political ideology. Environmentalism affects all of us living on this planet. How can there be a connection between these three arena? The answer is mutual cooperation and benefits. Let me explain.

- July 2019


Environmentalism started in the 1950s leading to the famous book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson Published in 1962. It took the world by storm. It lead to the worldwide ban of DDT and many other efforts to clean air and clean water. This set the stage for the next battle between activists and big corporations. Human caused global warming or later renamed to climate change became the new focus. In the 1990s, a new generation of activists sees the big oil companies as the “evil” corporation that are exploiting our resources for profit. It is their greed that created the glut in oil drilling and expansion of the industrial age leading to a dirtier and warmer planet.

The problem was most people are happy with the cheap energy source, the big engine muscle cars and the wealth that was created for the middle class.

In the early days, they had a very successful public relations campaign. Along with celebrities and Al Gore‘s award winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, many of the public, especially the youth were convinced. Their dire predictions of doom and gloom scared them into modifying their behavior.

After 20 years and a generation, as it turned out, the projected disasters did not materialize.

After failing to convince the public about the danger of global warming, a new initiative was started. This time, they want to do it by force, using the power of the government along with the international body - the UN.

There conclusion is global warming can only be stopped by a huge government mandate. Asking the people to voluntarily participate did not work. The problem is too distant in the future. In our instant gratification consumer orientated society, it did not ring true.

The new group, under the auspice of the UN, the IPCC, embarked on a grand scale to go after large corporations and the oil and gas and coal companies. They also believe the problem is too big to leave it up to chance. They must go after the very economic engine that is driving this glut.

Why Socialism?

The ideology of socialism fits quite well with the climate change proponents. They want the same things. Equality, control, justice, uniformity, collectivism...are all part of their believe system. The individual is subservient to the community. This is how the masses are controlled. We are indoctrinated to believe we are harming our planet. We must work together to save it. We must make sacrifices, even including reducing our population, change our diets, and modify our life style to save the planet. It is almost like a religion. We live by faith in the doom of global warming and fossil fuel burning.

We are asked to pay higher taxes, give tax credits to support renewable energy, and to crack down on “evil” corporations that are profiting from destroying our planet.

Humans Are The Problem...

Let’s cut to the chase. If CO2 is a pollutant and a problem, then humans are the ultimate source. We breath Oxygen and exhale CO2. To eliminate this problem, it only make sense to limit our population.

In fact, why stop there. Animals, like cows are also a large source of CO2 gases. That is why many are suggesting we go vegetarian.

The right to abortion or pro-choice is the bible of the climate change religion.

The Borgs


The connection between the global warming crowd and socialism and the environmentalist are clear. This is the agenda of the progressive left. They will fail.

Humans are not the problem but the solution. Our ingenuity has brought us the modern industrial society. Our technology has landed man on the moon. We have saved species from extinction. We have developed technology to clean our air and our waterways. We have developed telecommunications and satellites to help us monitor and predict our weather. We will solve the global warming problem in due time.

My predictions for the coming years...

1. Climate change will go the way of the dust bin of history.

2. Socialism will do the same.

3. Humans will survive and proper and multiply.

What Are Some Signs to Look for? Conflict Resolution

  • Capitalism winning over socialism
  • Fossil fuel over renewable energy
  • Faith in God over faith in man.
  • Individual over collectivism
  • Nationalism over Global World Order
  • Human nature over AI

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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