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Some Short Winter Poems ~~~less the short winter.

Updated on February 24, 2010


In winter's cold depths

stalact-ice blooms from relics

of a warm summer life.


It's Almost Time.


Winter gasps it last breath
in the puddles of rain,
that melt the smothering
white that imprisons me.
The sun peeks reluctantly
from behind receeding clouds,
giving me a taste of what's to come soon.
Tulips that rival even the finest lover,
peek from the brown skin of the earth,
testing the air like fingers daring the cold.
Spring will come bouncing in like the rabbit
that just dashed across my path,
and I will bask in the April

that May last until June.



Winter Embraces.


Delicate snowflakes
feather my skin like your winter kiss,
with chills and sweet thrills.


Quick Grab A Driveway Stake.

Minus seventeen,
cold leeches in, suckling warmth,
it's Winter's vampire.

Basking In The Comfort Of An Old Friend.

The sun has always been there, it warmed my toddler flesh
fresh in the dawn of my life, when adrenaline coursed through
my veins, as I danced exuberant in bright meadows.

It brightened my first kiss, that awkward bumbling attempt
with a red haired girl whose lips were even hotter.

It burned like a torch, when I cremated my mother,
slipping beneath the clouds, almost in a sign of respect
as I left with her ashes.

It melts my winters into crocuses, across the art palette of my earth,
and the artist in me smiles, as it brushes my shoulders

Soon it will soothe my arthritic limbs, like some heavenly sauna.
as I sit, rocking and gazing at the dust motes,

dancing like toddlers, in the warm beams of its gleams.

When it cast long shadows over my headstone,
my bones will settle with much regret at it's absence.




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    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

      Your artists heart penned an awesome reflection spanning from childhood to the tomb.

      I basked in the beauty of expressions and words unique to you MFB ... I hope you are well friend. Have a blessed day!