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Some Thoughts On Beauty.

Updated on July 23, 2022
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If love could be seen it would be easy to know if someone loved you or not simply by the color. Imagine the many rainbow colors of true love

Just a few beautiful things from my life.

beauty comes in too many forms to chronicle but I have highlighted a few.

Beauty weakens

a man's knees

and strengthens

a woman's confidence..

it can brighten

a cancer ward

with a single flower

or mark the passing

of a precious love with

a bouquet on a grave.

it is a dandelion

in the midst of

acres of cracked asphalt

or a tiny ballerina on

a vast stage

telling a tragic story

with just graceful moves

and dancing tears

from the eyes of a

wealthy crowd before her.

Beauty is found in the

brand new, blue eyes

of a newborn cradled in your

delivery weary arms.

beauty can be found

in your first kiss

and yes, your last kiss

just because all the kisses

in-between were so beautiful.

Beauty that is also tragic

is a soldier leaping on

to a live grenade in a combat

zone to save seven other souls

in a foxhole, such beauty and

patriotic duty come with a

Medal of Honor

so well deserved.

beauty will be the last

Monarch butterfly

(they are becoming

extinct you know)

as it nestles in the

bed of a tulip

and wakes up

on heaven's shores

when you die

you will take

the loves of

many with you and

leave so much

love behind and

that is the most

beautiful thing of all.

all of the beauty we brought

to the earth with our lives

lives on in the

eyes of others.

so always try to be beautiful

not in a physical way

but inside yourself.

You Know .....

There is no water

on the moon...

but you can find

the moon on the water.....

there is no love

without mutual agreement

but you can find

mutual agreement with love.....

kissing under the moon

is so invigorating..

mooning after a kiss

can also be quite fun

We are the bland

fodder of God

put here in perfection

from the womb,

and slowly the flavors

of life leech out of us

so he gives us the seasons

to spice and enhance our lives.....

winters to perserve us

and allow us to sit and

comtemplate all that is before us...

springs to experience

regrowth and bloom

brighter each year...

summers to frolic

and dance in the fields

of his wonders,

and the fall to remind us

that we are not immortal...

and soon we too shall

tumble from the limbs

of life and be scattered

across the endless void

only to rebloom elsewhere

if we have colored our

world with his love....

Love is the easiest thing

to give away to others

t is fre and it is

always welcomed

and most often

returned tenfold.

It can found in a smile

as well as in tears

Love brings the

continuation of life

and who doesn't

love a new baby.

Love knows no colors

or boundaries

children love everyone

until they are taught

or warned not to.

How sad that they

have to be instructed to

ration love.

But the world holds

a lot more hate

than love can handle.

and there are many

who twist love

into terrible misuses.

but those of us who

truly believe in

loving everyone

must stay beautiful

in our souls

and carry the torch

that others passed

on for centuries.

Peace to you and yours

in this most troubled world.

To you all I send my Love

recognizing all of your beauty

with love and this poem.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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