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Some Thoughts on My Commencement to Life.

Updated on May 12, 2022
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I have written over 4,000 poems and 1,000 songs and yet I am still searching for that perfect poem or song which eludes me.


There is a lot more to after birth than just placenta.

I was graduated
gradually into awareness
from her class womb,
just after some
long ago summer school
on September 30,
while passing through
my pre-natal courses,

into the next grade of life.
I balked at leaving
and was paddled once,
on my way out,
sucking air in my
new surroundings and
wailing at the 
profound strangeness,
of my lessons to come.
Once again the scales
were balanced, 
as I joined
a class of Libras, 
to become a part of
the next generation,
of artistic, poetic additions
to God's School Of Hard Knocks.
My diploma will 

always hang
on a wall of 
parchment flesh,
just above my 
intestinal fortitude.
Its squiggle's mark separation
from my earliest achievements.
The umbilical cord is my Tassle
and my parents love
the mortar that formed me

they were anything but bored.
They were my first two 
teachers who were kind
and taught me much.
One is gone, 
she died young
and the other 
is a wise old man
who I love dearly 
and still visit often.
He still imparts wisdom
and I am always open to
his old school lessons
knowing how he paid dearly
in sweat and tears, 
for the early years
of my schooling.
There is a higher institute
that awaits me someday,
but only if I learn well
all of my lessons of life
and pass the various tests
that could have caused me failure.
Then I must impart my knowledge
to those who are studying hard
or hardly studying
the wonders of life.
The greatest subject of all
which is love should be shared.
All that we have struggled with
and succeeded at will help those
who have yet to embrace it.
Then I will leave
the hallowed halls
of my flesh and go to join
the alumni who have
blazed a path before me.
Those who have
at long last achieved
their masters benefits
and been granted
heavenly positions above.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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