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Someone like Zion

Updated on June 29, 2015

We called him Zion because of his love for Reggae and he considered himself son of Zion. We sat next to each other in class and he was first brought to the school spot light at age fourteen when he was arraigned before all the students for smoking cigarette in the hostel.

He was suspended for one month then upon his return,he was caught again by the hostel master but this time it wasn't cigarette but marijuana and that led to his expulsion but luckily he was accepted by a private school but just one year in his new school, he misbehaved again. He was among the five students arrested in a brothel.

What is a fifteen years old boy doing in a brothel?

He was expelled again from school and that was how he became a drop out. I was one of those kids whose parents doesn't want to see around him because to every parent,he was a bad influence, i kept my distance with him under the watchful eyes of my parents but somehow i mingled with him.

At sixteen, he already knew his ways when it comes to girls perhaps that was a part of him that made folks like me want to be around him but somehow he disappeared from the sight of everyone, there was no news about him,no one could give account of him,not even his parents or siblings.

There were so many rumours about him,one story suggested that he was killed in a robbery, another suggested that he was kidnapped and used for rituals. Well, that was just how we forgot about Zion. Twenty years later, i moved to the capital in search of green pastures, then a friend told me about a company hiring IT personals so i applied for job in the company and was called for interview three days later.

The personnel manager told me to wait behind because the CEO wanted to meet me and has even asked them to draft an appointment letter for me. I couldn't believe it but i knew that God answered my prayer because i fasted for one week before submitting my application. One hour of waiting was like the two years i have been searching for work then finally i was sitting one on one with the CEO.

Tears rolled down from my eyes like one mourning a loved one, i tried to control myself, the CEO's voice was like that of an angel, he spoke calmly to me, he was so kind and even offered me an apartment in one of his numerous houses. Believe me, it was like holding God's hand as i held his hand. Zion of all people, a boy rumoured to be dead, the outlaw and bad influence amongst all our pears is the CEO of the company.

This guy dropped out from school, never had a college degree but has a staff capacity of one hundred and fifty,all university graduates. He is happily married with kids,well organized and highly connected. You see, those that actually turn out the best are most times those considered useless. This guy left home at that age and made it to Europe after crossing the Sahara on foot.

The stone the builders rejected is today the chief corner stone.

You must know someone like Zion,don't you?

No matter who you are, you must first believe in yourself if you really want to be successful and it doesn't matter what the world think of you, what matters is what you think of yourself.

Watch your ways as you journey and always have in your mind that sometimes being wild helps to scale through the hurdles on life.


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