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Something Different

Updated on November 25, 2016

Something Different


Swipe your hand down Something Different- down that difference just for the concern

Attack a random barrier- in a resolute Pursuit of the unknown

Just so you know- Have the Audacity to try Anything- once

Purposely bite off more than you can chew- maybe this time you’ll be game

Hope is paramount- if ever you run dry immediately start anew

Break away from any garments that threaten your bouyency

A sinking ship is meant to be abandoned- unless you mean to die for it

Always look before leaping- but then leap while you still can

Bleed it out every day- that healing is the shortest path to divine understanding

If being right leaves you no better off- maybe reconsider

If it's just too risky to make the big leap.... take the first step

Don't bow to "Realistic"- see only Possibility through your Almighty eyes

"If you could do Anything that you wanted, what would--?-"....... Have you tried?

Minimize Safety- unless willing to forfeit the Pleasure for the Prevalence

Settle for this certain purgatory- or embark for Heaven for the Hell-of-it

Wisely pick a persuasion- then keep adding passion until that cup runneth over

Aim as high as you're willing to go- and in preparation live today just as though

Only make a choice if you need to- a fleeting moment will come when you can have it all

Give everything a long chance- sometimes a taste is acquired

The path of least resistance is rewarded with most indifference

The pathway to Heaven often passes near the gates of Hell

Some things must be taken away in order to receive

Some things must fail in order to achieve

Some things must be felt in order to believe

Some things must be pursued in order to conceive

Some things must be believed in order to be seen

Give thanks for the bird in your hand- now go get the 2 waiting in the bush

Always look for the Good- all while expecting the Best

Always be looking for More- knowing you're already Blessed

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Prov. 13:12)

See those millions of stars? The arrival of just 1 will empower your whole world

Belittle the bitter who make you feel small, embrace the gregarious who brighten your soul

Belittle the battle, it's exactly as bitter as you allow it to be

Dream big! No one will achieve or receive more than they can believe or imagine

Sometimes it's better to have lost, based on what would've been won

It's better to lose for a winning cause, than win in a losing battle

The champion is the one that remains, and who bears the most scars

Take pride in scars- they are a sign of strength- of tragedy overcome

The real champion isn't the one who influences everyone they touch, it's the one that touches all others who even hear

Live in the day, but for tomorrow- bask in joy forgive the sorrow

Can a pot say to the potter "why have you made me this way?" (Romans 9:20)

Game knows game. Pain knows pain. Strong knows strong. Right knows wrong

Be (wo)Man enough to take a stand, but a servant enough to kneel

Be hard enough to never break, yet soft enough to feel

This inconsistent world is made for abstract wishes

Shouldn't I feel guilty for these unearned riches?

As I confidently dance upon the blade of this knife,

The unforgiving minute makes THIS hour delicious.........


Unhappy with the lot you’ve been given? - In doubt of the way this will end?

Don’t like the way your life feels? - Try on SOMETHING DIFFERENT – my friend


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    • aim4strz profile image

      Daniel Austhof 24 months ago from West Michigan

      Thanks Larry. This little poem was a good place for me to reflect and put some of my random-ish thoughts out there. Glad you liked it

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 24 months ago from Oklahoma

      Very creative.