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Something They Didn't Teach You in Writing 101

Updated on May 5, 2016

There is something that they do not teach you in "Creative Writing 101". What is that you ask? It is dealing with the FANS and CRITICS. Now I don't think I am, that of a well-known of a writer. If you put your work out there someone is bound to see it, read it, critique it.

The Critique Experience

I had my first experience with what you would call a "critic." I had self published a book formerly “Angelic Memoirs” (Now called Angelic Confessions which is currently on the market.)The guy ripped me apart in hopes to destroy me. Why else do we be cruel? It is to hurt another person. In reality though I realized I really flopped in the self publishing department. I realized I had totally rushed things( I was so excited.). In response to that I took it off the market and revamped it much to better praise. Little did the nasty critic know he had made me better. He made me stronger. I thank him actually. I have never forgotten it though. This person truly loved arguing for it became a heated debate on an open forum. It got so bad a moderator had to literally come in there and tell the guy enough.

My next negative critic was a comment on my guest book. They commented in my guest book that, " I’m the likes of why literature has gone down the tubs and why don’t I just stay out of their world." I wondered what in the world that was all about. Was it hurtful? Yes, a bit. I love this craft though. I did not have the prestige to go to college and get a degree. Everything I know I learned the hard way. I taught myself and am still learning everyday.

The Fans/Lovers

Of course there are critics, but what about the fans and lovers? School did not prepare you for this part of being a writer either did they? Normally we don't have big egos. We do not write because we think we are great. We write because we love to. To have someone love what you have written is awkward. You are polite, say thank you. Secretly inside you wonder nooo this can't be true! Really they like my work! And nothing will ever EVER prepare you for the "Creepy Fan". A part of you though might be privately giddy though going yes! I got a creepy fan! Check it off my list of you know you're a writer when...

The Result?

The reason for all this you? All the writing courses, self-help books can never really prepare you for the "real world." To handle the onslaught of critics, rejections, even praises. I have not taken every writing course. Nor have I read every writing help guideline books. The ones I have read though never prepared me for this. I believe this is the "sink or swim" point for every writer out there. This truly marks the true writer from the casual writer. The true writer while hurt and scorned will bandage the stab wound up and move on. Some may even look at the harsh critique learning more about themselves, their craft making them wiser. They say if you are going to be a writer you must have thick skin. I really don’t think writers have thick skin. The harsh words still pierce. The harsh words still hurt, but if you are writer you have this fire, passion, and drive in you unlike no other. That is what keeps us going.


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