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Something great that's actually Free!

Updated on October 25, 2011

My new surroundings

Nothing for Free, and Never say. Never!

This whole experience of being a new hubber is almost too good to be true.

You might ask me why this is so.

The answer is: Because in these my new surroundings, I am quite aware of why it's imperative that I quickly take stock of who and what surrounds me.

I have not as yet done any research on my new surroundings, and I don't think I will.

Because without any serious questions asked. I got caught, hook, line and sinker.

This is all voluntary on my path, I am simply sold.

Like Christopher Columbus, sailing to America where he found many people, or many people found him on his arrival. Some how he credited himself with discovering the place and we also believed and give him credit for the discoveries.

I too felt the same, and since no one actually invited me to Hub Pages, I feel as if I discovered the thing myself. As I enjoy all the hospitalities and now by any stretch of ones imagination, they can easily tell, that it’s love at first sight.

Because now I totally like what I am enjoying /seeing, it's even better than what I first observed after taking a few tiny steps.

Like I said, I did no lengthy research, simply observing what was not being posted, and that was a price tag. To me, that equates to this whole thing is going for free.

So voluntarily and of my own free will, I decided that this was a great deal for me.

My search for that compatible but elusive arena, which I knew existed, was over.

I found my new home, the door was wide open, and the welcome mat was placed appropriately at the front door and from there that step inside felt warm and welcoming.

Before I had left the sanctity of my word writing pages, because I had so much of my own data, I left in search of the exact home that I discovered was securely living on HP.

I had visited quite a few places, but I was also depending on the guidance of the

Most High God, for he had promised “never” to forsake any of his children.

Just when I was about to lower my sails and drift again into that unknown and unfamiliar sunset, there it was! Such a pleasant site, of Land, bustling with visible signs of life and plenty of sustenance for a weary traveler.

This time I am the one who is the prodigal son. I have come home, but where do I start and how long will this great welcome last?

What do I do while being constantly bombarded with such hypnotic bursts of beautiful writing that’s overflowing the capsules here at “Hub Pages?”

Here is my new chosen home with welcoming and outstretched arms, for my return.

The ambiance is parallel only to that of Biblical proportions.

There is a cliché that says: Home is where the heart is. Now I need not say any more.

I have truly come home.

To be sincerely honest and stay in line with what has now become the whole truth!

During my search and I strongly believe, that life in itself is forever, it’s a continuum

in which we as humans irregardless of our physical makeup, or geographical situation,

we were all given a fair chance at whatever we choose to work best for us in this phase of life.

I have long been convinced, that for anyone who becomes a new shopper, a new bargain hunter, a new computer user, a new website visitor, even a new entrepreneur. Yes said correctly.

Soon we will all find out for ourselves, and with perfect confirmation from those who have already experienced this phenomenon to the max. Those who have many times over allowed themselves to fall victim to those very ideals that entices others into believing that there are such things in this life which sells for free.

Those before have all met face to face with this demon and are all fully convinced, that the most expensive price that both the first timers and veterans alike, will ever have to pay for something, will be after they have successfully captured the bargain that promises the very best deal on the planet, that one will ever get for volunteering their trust, to the promise of something great for free.

The fantasy of actually being one of the first to be successful in getting this formula correct this time.

They have done their homework, researched it, and it expected to be truthful.

Its has again driven them the that point where they would actually willingly go forward,

attempting to acquire something great, for free.

Here is your reality, irregardless of who you are, when that eventual bill is transferred in your name and to you, when you have read the fine prints, which you should have done before. Whichever way you slice it .

Watch out!

It has been known to come from all sides and it hits like a ton of bricks.

The reality as it hits, is unbearable, the emotions that follows is one that threatens to teach the same lessons. There is no graduation until it's truly understood. It will never be!

It’s the one that commands you to “Swear” then go ahead, vowing to all that’s living and also deceased, all that you hold dear, promising “Never again” to fall victim, to the like of:

Something great for free.

But lo, there laying in wait, is that familiar cliché, poised to remind you of those words you shouted, being witnessed by only you.

Sometimes you make your intentions known even to all others. Like I did sometime ago, when I announced to family and friends that I am going to become a Vegetarian, I am going to stop eating meat, and I did.

I can never forget the impact, it came from all sides, and yes it did. There was not one single “meat eater” that gave me the thumbs up, their blessings so to speak.

But then how could they? Because that was also for free, no cost! Well at least so I thought.

It was my voluntary decision and it was also my cross to bear.

That reality which hits you from all angles, are the positives and negatives in your life.

It's your chance in your chosen Garden of Eden, with Eve and your demons also with their master, the Devil. It’s a true test of your faith, and an obvious reminder of your past promises,

together with the track record, of your truth. In case you should again promise and use the word “Never” How many times should you be reminded of why you should “Never say never” again?

Going into any new temptation, even as you are aware, and you must remember, that your word is still the strongest defense, that every human possess. To have “our word” be our bond,

and be even more so pronounced, when we are saying it primarily to our own selves.

It’s true, as I remember the advice of my dear mother as she said son:

“To thyne own self be true.”

Every promise that’s made and broken by us, to ourselves, should be magnified and slated as extremely urgent, and ready for immediate correction.

So in my final sentence I speak/write this from my sincerest ability to give credit to things and people that I vision as potentially great.

So after my short and recent arrival to HP, I can easily say there is more than a large quantity of great talent here and some downright intimidating, that’s how good they are.

Not to be fearful of, but to respect, be appreciated of, and to sincerely enjoy.

It’s awesome to know that here, this place I most recently discovered, where I am presently made home for the writer in me. Because I am quite grateful, to be here and writing this piece.

The future talents in writing are presently assembled here and I have no doubt, and I am equally sure that it’s only a matter of time before who’s the next huge chosen representative!

So this experience that has so far cost me $0 is already becoming priceless an experience for the sincere writer, who will have to work real hard to keep up with those indigenous talents, all while staying true to himself.

Blessings and Give Thanks.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you golddust321. Give Thanks and Praises every time.

      Thanks for the kind words , the sky is truly the limit if there is a limit. PS see why no one can touch it no matter which direction the travel.

      As if something great put us smack dead in the middle.v

      Much appreciated as I will keep it real.


    • golddust321 profile image

      golddust321 6 years ago from Camp Springs Maryland

      Greetings and salutation to all. Looking forward to following all contributions by you my friend and your followers. The sky is the limit. Thanks sky

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you "AE" we would all get better at sharing, as we mature and learn.

      You are a good example, I am quite happy meeting you here, a great ambassador for the site!

      Never judge the book by it's cover.

      When I read your first story I thought that great friend had left you devastated, but now looking at your strength. Blessings and Give Thanks.

    • profile image

      jlald 6 years ago

      Looking forward to many wonderful readings from such an eloquent writer!!!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Hello Sky, Your writing is thoughtful and full of hope and faith.I feel the same as you about HP. It's difficult to find anything free these days. Glad you are happy here. I hope you will soon have more followers, you have a lot to share...Thank you my friend...Cheers