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Somewhere Off The Beaten Path.

Updated on December 14, 2009


Somewhere Off A Beaten path.


Just a walking

the treadmill
between love

and despair,
no words or pen

on what's stationary

can stop my
endless tramp

through memories.

You pushed all

the wrong buttons
and set me on

this useless journey,
going nowhere fast.

The key

which was love
is firmly implanted
in my heart,

and will not
be removed

till I grow weary
of pursuing what
once lay ahead,
but now falls
farther and
behind me.


I am left


by the absence

of your kiss. 

I was always

told to walk on,
when heartbreak
reared its

ugly head,
and so I shall,
leaving behind
miles of smiles,
as I rush towards

the emptiness
that awaits me.




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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      rush towards everything wonderful that is coming your way..... hugs