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Somewhere out There Dreams Languish.-(inspired by Blake4d)

Updated on July 23, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III
(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III
(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III
(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III
(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III
(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio- MFB III

In mid-July with no where to drive to or fly you can getaway by worshipping thoughts in the cool, cathedral of your mind.

Still waters run deep,

even in one's soul,

and apathy has

the word path in it

but we grow too

disenfranchised to take it

Far too often we are

hoping to move

away from our

ordinary hum-drum lives,

even while we are

still sitting in

a recliner clutching

something remote.

We all have keys to

take us somewhere

but obligations

stand in our way

A vast, beautiful

world whispers

in everyone's ears,

we are all

flying dutchman

in our hearts

who have been left

marooned in

Anytown U.S.A.

longing for the highway,

the my way, that trip we

have yet to take.

Travel agents tempt us

weekly with lovely brochures

but we seldom broach

what they offer because

we are unsure.

Plans have to

be formulated

pets left home cared for

Mail and newspapers canceled

no one ever just gets up

and takes a trip anymore.

There are endless reservations

both in your mind and

at the hotels you

choose to book.

One can travel in

in thier mind but you

can't smell the salty tang

of the ocean between

your two ears.

It cost nothing to stay home

it's even a new word

called staycation.

but a change of scenery

brings such serenity

and you can't find that in

your back yard

It will always be

the same old

same old.

One can travel

endless excpanses

through their writing,

it is my method

of escape.

when I can't get away

from the low of

my status quo

I simply start

by entering

long lines

much like you find

at an airport

but with no waiting.

my only keys are

not for rental cars

they are the


push buttons

that move me

towards a

satisfactory destination.

all done without reservations

My thoughts take flight

and soar through

endless possibilities

of topical choices to visit

or tropical places to linger over

with just a paragraph of words.

And suddenly "I am lying on

a hammock stretched

between two palms

savoring the ocean

breezes on Tahiti shores.

It would cost me a fortune

to really go there but

I can literally-

(pun intended)

go there in my

stories or poems.

I can even take

you with me

allowing you to imagine

being there too with

with just the

right expressive words.

Here's an example:

"Imagine yourself on

a wide Caribbeann beach

with an ice cold margarita

in one hand and my poem

in the other...Nice huh?

it is the journey

of words that is my

rush from the norm.

I write so much of places

that I have never visited

because I am

there as I write

It is the same as you

getting lost in a good book

becoming the main character..

Hours can pass

all around you

to which you are oblivious

because you are completely

somewhere else..

That is any authors intention

to take you on a trip

from your armchair or bed

for a price that is way cheaper

then even a trip to Toledo, Ohio

Someday I will

become a poem,

written in long squiggles

of black tread across

the asphalt of my

imagination to

my completion.

my soul will journey

vast universes

I will seek what

my life has

denied me,

abandoning my

faith in man

to become

a man of faith

who chronicles

what's really

out there to discover.

You will most likely

find me In some

thatched hut on

Easter island communing

with the stone heads,

or in the back room of

a fish market in Cambodia,

or right here In the U. S. Of A.

on some unclimbed

southwest mesa

waliking where no man

has gone for centuries

high above what has

eroded away gelow.

I will embrace

the strange

and the beautiful

and make it

my friend.

come along with me

if you dare.

catch a ride

with your mind.

stick out your thumb

and turn the pages to

new worlds.

There is a path in apathy.

Take It......

and I will see

you out there

in some distant place

that you never knew

even existed.

this is just an appetizer

there are vast feasts

still to devour

with your mind.

Brain food that is

been assigned a

five star rating..

"bon appetit.

You are what you read.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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