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~Songwriters Lament~

Updated on June 23, 2014

There's a stone, three story building on Sixteenth Avenue

It's the solitary memory of the only love I knew

And the only man who loved me for the feelings of my soul;

Tonight, my heart is breaking over paths crossed long ago...

I missed you by a moment; by a hundred empty miles;

By a single falling tear, or by a hundred thousand smiles;

I missed you by a symphony...or, by one single note...

I never said "I love you" in a song I never wrote

So I'm sending out a message, for the things I did not say

Not only that I love you, but that I've always felt that way

You never understood me when I'd turn my back to go...

Well, it's time that I should tell you things that you could never know.

The hardest part was leaving, I wanted so to stay

And your every soft "I love you" made it hell to turn away

But my life had complications that I could not put you through

So, I'd leave. And then I'd pray my love would find its way to you

Somehow, love shines through the hard times

And it shines through the mistakes

And it shines through every chance

that we are crazy not to take

It shines through all the laughter,

And it shines through all the tears

And it keeps a warm fire glowing

That has burned for many years

Like a window in the morning

When the sun comes shining through

Like the bird that sings at dawning

My heart's crying out for you

I come running like the waters of the ocean for the shore

I have come to say "I love you" ... like I never could before

And, for all the times you've listened,


listen just once more.


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