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Soom, is it in your vocabulary?

Updated on January 1, 2012

Creating a new word

It happens to all of us who aren’t much better than two-finger typists. The word appeared in a chat window of one of the many games available in the Facebook platform. It is something we end up doing because the computer keyboard is just not the best vehicle for creating clear thought, never mind the one on cellular devices that only people with small fingers have any hope of manipulating properly.

Davros (the creator of the typo), said it is a word that he just created and that it needed a definition. Simple. Soom is a word between soon and zoom relating to speed of completion, faster than soon but slower than zoom. We agreed that this was a good choice for the word and it should be added to some dictionary. Is that how words get created? Quite possibly that is how every language evolves, a pure accident ends up being considered for addition to one’s vocabulary.

Will soom become a new word in the English language? Will it join the ranks of kleenex, ipod, or googling? Soom will have to become a popular slang word like all the other newer words in any language before it becomes accepted.


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    • profile image

      Oliver Clark 7 years ago

      If everyone who reads this starts to say it, then this new word will soom into the English language!

      Nice one Bozo, better then the Sweatshops for sure!

    • Wahine profile image

      Wahine 7 years ago from California

      Words are added to a language through common usage. So if you really want to see "soom" in a dictionary someday, you'd better convince "peeps" it's a cool thing to say.