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Soul... A difficult fit... my soul...

Updated on March 4, 2014

I wake up, and dress my soul

And prepare to engage the battle one more time

Another day

The scars are thick now

It doesn’t hurt the same way that it used to.

But inside,

Where my soul finds respite

It’s gentle,

And tender,

And new

Everything in perfect order


I understand the layout…

I could do this blind.

That’s where I get hurt, though…

I get comfortable

And I let my guard down.

And some of the hard hits to the outside

Seep through the walls

And loosen the wall coverings

The jealousy

And the insecurity

Start to adorn my soul

Like well hung oils

And well woven tapestries…

And once they claim their place

The bitterness unrolls itself,

The carpet for the floor.


Strong coffee.

Strong music.

Strong ideals and passions

Powerful, unmovable integrity

My sense of self.

I’m okay. I am whom I love.

And for all the wrinkles in the wrapping,

I wouldn’t trade myself

For anything in the world.


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