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A Soul Letter - Part Three

Updated on April 12, 2018
BibiLuzarraga profile image

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

Now YOU-KNOW-WHO thinks that...

...only because I have fierce Spanish blood, that I could dance like that if I tried! Yeah? Really? Maybe I could dance like that in a past lifetime, I thought. Anyhow, there are several groups in the city teaching Flamenco and it's all the rage lately in dance workshops; coincidence? Perhaps. I'll think about it.

Flamenco Angel Rose

To my wonderful & faithful "psychiatrist";

July 17, 1995

Hi B,

How was your weekend? Hope it wasn't awfully hot and I sure hope that hurricane watch has discontinued. Since we've all been through Hurricane Andrew, Andy & I hoped for the best [as we anxiously watched the Weather Channel.] I'm sorry that I missed the Sunday call from, yourself & Les -- I think we might have been at the movies, which seemed to be New Yorkers' only escape from the 105 degree "Hottest Day of the Year" [in NYC anyway];

We went to see "Smoke." I'll share 2 opinions:

#1) From the harshest critic (next to Siskel & Ebert), Andy (whom notices the technical aspects such as lighting, accent fade ins/outs, locations, etc);

Opinion: "Wait to see it on Pay Per View, cable or video";

#2) From Miss Joe Z Public/philosophi-cate me:

(whom cares more about the universal message, well-roundedness, real-to-life or fantastical)

Opinion: "A comprehensive picture to which most can relate; worth $8.00 plus a Coke";

By the way, they previewed another flick entitled "Kids" which is due out in theatres on August 1st, I think -- unfortunately, it looks realistically shocking about nothing other than teen-life in the streets/schools/family/peers + drugs, alcohol, sex; you get the picture; a review said, "a wake-up call to the world"; who knows because it may be a parental survival guide for the 90's; by the way, have you seen "Il Postino" yet; in fact, I have yet to see "First Knight"; it received such boring reviews everywhere that I forgot about it; you tell me if I'd like it;

Oh, and if "Bananas is my Business" opens up in Miami, FL you & Lino should make a strong effort to go and see it; it's a biographical documentary on Carmen Miranda's life; it hardly seems like a documentary at all because it's so colorful and loving (thanks to the director's point of view), you almost don't want it to end...I saw it in the Lower East Village last week;

On Saturay morning (8:30 am), Andy & I walked for two and a half (2½) hours in Central Park- about one (1) hour, briskly; we went early because #1, we knew it would be "THD of the Year" by noon and #2, we wanted to get tickets to "Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest"; to our amazement, people slept in the park since the night before and line was over a mile long by 8:45am; when the hell did everyone get so orderly; whatever happened to spontaneity; anyway, like two small children, we went exploring new paths, bridges, flowerbeds, lawns, etc; I felt so hot that I jumped into the sprinklers at Strawberry Fields until I was drenched - what exhilirating fun that truly was;

All week, I secretly schemed into dragging Andy along with me to watch a show in Lower (punky) East Village; on Sunday, I sprung it on him without a clue as to where the cab was taking us (which was cool); the show, "Noche Flamenca" starred seven Spanish, hot-blooded gypsies whom sat upon hard, wooden chairs on a poorly lit small stage; las bailarinas españolas danced so furiously hard, we felt their steam in our seats; I swear, it was 65 degrees when we had arrived;

That music was practically acapella, purely hand-clapping paired with sad, stomachy gritos accompanied by two Spanish guitars plus clamping footwork (Andy called it "the kill the cockroaches dance";) Antonio Vizárraga, a member of one of the most distinguished Flamenco families in Seville, was amazing; Amparo Heredia, a traditional Gypsy artist from Andalusia whom sang so soulfully, we nearly cried; Alejandro Granados whom was a soloist in Ballet Clasico de María, Ballet Español de Madrid and Ballet Nacional de España, beautifully choreographed the dancers;

I was hoping to see "la bata de cola" even though I knew it's an old tradition and a particularly hard dress to maneuver that isn't widely used anymore; I still wasn't disappointed with the folksy, ruffled gypsy dresses they wore; Pilar Rojas, a dancer whom does wear "la bata de cola", is going to be in NYC on July 24th - 30th, 1995; hopefully, we can catch her show;

We toasted sangria (with strawberries and oranges) during intermission; by then, Andy was incredibly impressed by the exotica of the atmosphere; he loved it and called me at work because he was actually recommending it, ha ha; now, he thinks that because I have Spanish blood, that I could dance like that if I tried; ; there are several groups in the city teaching Flamenco and it's all the rage lately in dance workshops; coincidence perhaps; I'll think about it;

Now we plan to drink sangria for the rest of the summer; leaving pitchers in the fridge, just like mom; by the way, have you heard of Alex Fox, the flamenco guitarist that plays at "I Papparazzi" on the weekends at South Beach because mom, lesley, mark and david went to see Alex Fox after I had given lesley Alex Fox's cassette; I have yet to see him because I missed him when I was in Miami- well his first-ever, NYC appearance was on Tuesday night this week;

I'm sorry to end this letter so abruptly, however, I have to go fax this letter before it becomes old news and 5:00pm (quitting time); you can reach me at this temporary work assignment until this Friday at (212) 750-8300 x. 414; by the way, I have a second interview with Seagram's this week; wish me luck; I really hope that you are all trodding along;

Molti baci to you, B, the boys, mom and lesley (whom have both been rather distant with me for many years, though), and of course, joe-


PS: I miss Miami! Cuban black beans & white rice :)

I should call mom, whom always wanted to open a café named Lil's or Lily's Café :) and ask her for a care package of Cuban black beans, white rice, breaded chicken steaks, Cuban coffee, etc (jk.)-Bibi.

Thinking of the Broadway musical, "Kiss of The Spider Woman"


"Kiss of The Spider Woman" synopsis;

Basically, the woman with the deadly kiss-BibiLuzarraga.

Flamenco, Broadway, red roses and other concepts-Bibi.

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Attn: Movie Buffs-Bibi.

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Remember The Munsters TV Show; I do-Bibi.


Have you ever had a chance to view "Mommie Dearest" on the big screen, btw-Bibi.


Other correspondence: shoulda, woulda, coulda written to mom ("Lil"), lesley and sandy to catch up with them--Bibi.

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    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga 2 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      An interesting tidbit: the head of Medusa turned up in an excavation-- BibiLuzarraga.

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga 2 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      My birthday, btw, was this past Saturday on August 1st, 2015; chronologically (lol), I am 46 years young :)--Bibi Luzarraga. My birthday wish is a 'secret' which I hope will come true within the next ninety (90) days or less :)--Bibi Luzarraga!