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Soul Purpose with Passion

Updated on July 25, 2016

Living Out of Soul

Living out of soul is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the universe. We build this world around us with a sense of purpose through expressions of the heart, called passion. A true gift from God.

As we bring our God given thoughts into action and create what we have envisioned, we realize that we are the builders on this planet earth. Everyone has a passion and everyone has a purpose.

I have met many people, who have stated that they do not know their purpose nor do they know their passion. In a world of fast pace competition, it is so easy to loose track of who we are because we get so hung up with thinking who we should be or who we could be.

When we are quiet and reach deep within ourselves, we are able to listen to that soft small voice that reminds us of who we are. That soft small voice within tells us its all right to be ourselves. Because our ideas are good and we have alot to share with the world around us. Every single one of us has been created with a purpose and a passion.

What is your passion?

Be still and listen to your inner voice. That soft inner voice is your soul. It is the knowing part of every human being. Intuition is never wrong- we learn that intuition is God inspired within. When we listen and we trust we begin to live out of soul, purpose with passion.

By LEGold


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