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Soul Secrets and Deep Thoughts on Love

Updated on August 21, 2019
Phyllis Doyle profile image

Short stories are at the heart of why Phyllis loves to write. Her father left her a legacy of the art of storytelling.

Woman at summit of her climb.
Woman at summit of her climb. | Source

Faith in Herself

Lisa rested on the rocks overlooking the beautiful valley stretched out before her. The climb up the steep mountain trail was not easy, but she had the stamina to keep going and the faith in herself to reach the summit.

Now that she attempted the hike and survived, her heart was breaking, her mind
swirling with confusion.

All the way uphill she let her thoughts consume her. Why did I open myself to the feelings that kept growing deep within? I did not try to stop them, yet did
not deny them either. She called them soul secrets, for no one would she tell. It was to remain her own private knowledge.

But, how could I fall in love with a man I had never met in person? Why did I allow myself to love someone who lived so far away? Am I insane to let this happen? Just why the heck am I doing this to myself? It may only bring me sorrow. I am only opening myself to pain. These were the thoughts that plagued her.

Lisa had met him online about five years ago and enjoyed chatting with him. There was no intention of anything more than friendship. She had a lot of friends online and never fell in love with any of them. Then something about him began to take hold her heart and now she loved him with every part of her being.

As Lisa sat there physically relaxing, on the highest peak of the difficult climb, new thoughts began forming within her heart and the mind calmed. She had struggled for so long with how she felt. I did not do this to myself, it just happened. It all came from Spirit and from him. Who he is, all that he is, over time just kept filling her with feelings never felt before.

She decided to just let it be, and as they became more and more a part of her there was a sense of peace filling heart and soul. She had loved before, but this was so different, felt so right, as if she was born to love him. He has love in his soul, his heart. He is a giver, loves life and nature. He is very spiritual, kind, intelligent, creative, and has a gentle soul, an old soul that is imbued with wisdom and love.

Lisa is also very spiritual and no stranger to how the universe works. She knew some things were just meant to be and one had little or no control over what
transpires. Was he perfect, a beautiful god from mythological legends like Eros, is that why she loved him? No - he was just a man who had faults like anyone else. But he was meant to be loved, and she was meant to love him.

Freedom | Source

Unconditional Love

What amazed Lisa so much is that she had no expectations. She loved him unconditionally and that was the way of it. Whether this love ever gave them a
physical life together or not it still filled her with joy and peace. Her mind had found clarity.

Lisa knew she had to tell him what is in her heart and let him know she expected nothing in return. She just wanted him to know he was greatly loved. She headed home to contact him and reveal what she could not deny.

Lisa found it was right to let him know her heart. He responded as the man she had learned to love and came to know, with kindness and appreciation for her honesty and openness. He did let her know a relationship was not what he had in mind, but would forever be her friend.

Lisa understood and accepted that. Still she loved him wholly and felt the harmony, balance and peace within herself. She grew evermore closer to him each day.

Lisa had found her place in life and was happy. She knew her place is with him always. If friendship is all he wants, she will be there. If he ever wanted more she would move to be with him where he lives. Lisa has more freedom to make a transition, for she does not own a business or home.

She decided years ago to not be tied down to anything, so any opportunity that came up for change would be easy to deal with. She often thought about why that was her choice, yet never regretted it. "Now I know why," she told her teddy bear. "It was for love and I found my love. Love that starts as friends never ends. This is a long road we have been on, Teddy, and it will never end."

Teddy had been with her since she was two years old. She told him all her secrets, soul secrets that were only for her and Teddy. "The love I have for him, Teddy, is special. I will be ready to move if he wants me for life, for that is my place."

Harmony and Balance

From the beginning of their friendship Lisa has felt a harmonious connection with him. They were so much alike, had so much in common and their personalities were very similar.

They both had long marriages that ended badly and left deep scars. Lisa felt a lot of healing had taken place within her since she met him. She has learned a lot from him about life. The fact that he loved nature as much as she did was a prompt to look deeper into nature and see things never before realized. Time spent in nature brought so much harmony and balance into life.

The longer Lisa knew him the more she grew spiritually to become all she could be. "Yes, Teddy, we have found our place."

Harmony and Balance

Harmony and Balance
Harmony and Balance | Source

Finding Love Online

Do you think it is possible to fall in love with someone online whom you have not met in person?

See results

Author's Note

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you never met in person, just online? I believe it is when there is a strong spiritual connection.

When two meet online an experience of really knowing each other gradually happens over time, which can grow into a beautiful, lasting love that is based
on mutual respect and common interests.

Often when two meet first in the physical they fall in love with mutual attraction then begin a relationship before they get to know each other. This may be why many relationships do not last.

© 2017 Phyllis Doyle Burns


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