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Updated on March 15, 2017



In a place called Soul-litude
lies a world of it's own making
with no doors or windows
and one individual sits
amidst the remnants of memories
of what is was to feel the sun
and run naked through the woods
fingers laced together
mouths emitting laughter
in stereo tinkles
replaying the kisses
the intimate moments
cobwebbed and yet
dusted off daily
sorrow weaves
it's celluloid pictures
on a film strip
poetry covers the walls
it glows in the darkness
bringing comfort
mistakes build chains
that hold one down
allowing minimal movement
age like mold creeps ever onward
eating away at the fabric of a life
work is a mainstay
creative impulses drive the
heart to recreate
some forms of beauty
deadlines criss cross
the room preventing
dances and leaps of faith
so the mind unfolds
and from the creases pour
liquid thoughts
that flow and soothe
and break tiny pinholes
in other rooms of Soul-litude
bringing light
to eyes long rimmed with tears
between the piles of things
that must be done
slipping in the mold
there lie spaces yet to be filled
and when time permits
fingers scrabble to write
lighter verses in the bleakness
all that goes out brightens the world
and darkens the chamber within
many rely on the outpouring of art
seeking to free more
without knowing the cost
built by choices made and chains
linked from paths taken long before.

Depression is a psuedo-friend

who pats you on the leg so hard

that it cripples you....hope is a crutch

that helps you get around in spite of it...

love is a balm that can heal and yet

the scars from other healings that failed,

can bring depression round again

for another pat answer....

Written November 4th, 2002 © 14 years ago 010


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    • littlebluefeather profile image

      J Reyes 5 months ago from The Edge of Saturn

      MFB, thank you for sharing this powerful, intimate and personal poem. You tied together many things, I could feel your yearning. Bringing awareness to anxiety and depression is something too many people have, yet it is spoken of so little. We mustn't forget that we are not alone, we always have ourselves. It's easier said than done, but it's something to remember in those moments of solitude. Stay blessed, and thank you.