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South Yorkshire-Local Disaster

Updated on July 28, 2012
Local road turned into a river.
Local road turned into a river. | Source
local road, now a river
local road, now a river | Source
river nearly the hight of the wall
river nearly the hight of the wall | Source
Pathway fully submerged
Pathway fully submerged | Source
road disapered from view
road disapered from view | Source
debris building up at wall
debris building up at wall | Source
water flowing extreamly quick.
water flowing extreamly quick. | Source



IMAGES: Taken by me, with Nikkon coopix.

In July 2012, The UK got hit with a deverstating amount of rain, according to local news broadcasts there was an estimate of 30 days worth of rain falling in the short space of 24hours across brittain.

Many places have had devestating effects of the natural disaster and the area where i am based was hit bad too. The rain started to pour early on a friday morning and did not stop untill late evening, in this time the rain had cause the remained of the River Dove to burst its banks and flood too local ponds and the road crossing through the middle. Being one of the first people on the scene, i got a first hand view on how quickly the water was rising and destroying the last around it.

Large pieces of debris such as tree branches, rocks even pieces of wall were being washed across this small residential road leaving destruction in its path. The water nearly reash two metres high at its highest point had local residents in pannic. The local council had only suplied 1000 sandbangs to the residents so the could protect their homes but with this being an area for risk of flooding, the sandbags were a poor baracade from the water causing lower floors of local residents homes to be destroyed. Also local wildlife had been desturbed due to the colossal amount of dirty water ripping through the local woodland and pond area.

Due to this destruction, many residents have put their houses on the market in hopes to flee the village before another flood happens.

The following day i returned to the scene and the water had subsided but the aftermath was still among us, the coursing water managed to rip up half of the road and pathment leaving hole ranging at 4-6 ft wide. Obviously this has dented the local councils road repair budget causing possibly another rise in council tax, leaving the detraught residents in a worse financial position than they previously were.

Nature works in mysterious ways because not long after this we have had a heat wave, soaking up all the moisture as if nothing had ever happened. People say this is global warming but there is a rumor that the earth will be destroyed in 2012, maybe this is the start of it!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

Lou x


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