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Southern Traveler in Mexico

Updated on October 14, 2015

From the balcony view meant for two

The clouds of smoke, cleaning my views

Finally, my mind started to unwind

Perceptions, views, and the beginning

Of my self's distorted views, thrown behind

Excercising my lungs for the two a.m. crew

A coming of a new time

Your position was unclear

Although I confidently claim it was a station

He and I talked of childhood aspirations

And how they were suppressed

by the influence of the jealous peer, subconscious stress

A 4 a.m. supper in the mini cathedral of The Manhattan patio lights

Preceded by my Tai Chi self discovery

Of the oceanic sandy beach's dark stary night

Worthy of Vangogh's signature by name

An alibi of claim was his ticket out of the chaotic spotlight of fame

Vehicle restoration, his hobby to name

I've never had such an interesting conversation

With an Irish accent's descent to ever name

Possibly your origination of the Georgia domain

Honor, integrity, and respect, were your protective name

February or July, the latter I will not deny

A bird with a distinctive eye, watching from the sky

A ladies love, I truthfully held high above

The sound in her voice and the look in her eyes

Yes, she is a mighty prize

Not worth my demise

A dance floors empty gaze

Suddenly became an emotional haze

The song was an intent to rekindle the flame

Caused from a resentful chase

Was it Bob or Garth that gave it such a meaningful emotional trace

Whatever the case

my memory instilled, never to be erased

Seize the here to stay


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    • Mitchell Marso profile image

      Mitchell Marso 23 months ago from Mankato, MN

      Thank you, Surabhi.

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago

      Yep, seize the day indeed! Very, very nice poem, Mitchell :)