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Space 1889

Updated on January 8, 2012

Martian liftwood groves, Venusian dinosaurs and swarms of intelligent insect colonies hiding beneath the lunar surface, Space 1889 has it all!

Following the vien of the subgenre known in literary circles as Steampunk, Space 1889 takes the technology and ideas of the industrial revolution that much farther with solar-powered boilerships that plow through the heavens and send the people of an increasingly expansionist British Empire, their allies and their enemies into the untapped depths of the solar system. The stakes? Precious resources like Martian liftwood or the ancient artifacts of their once-powerful civilization, land, and a thousand other things. Like the distances of Earth were for the real empires of the past, in Space 1889, the solar system is a vast and dangerous place full of wonders to tantalize even the most civilized tongue.

But Space 1889 isn't just any book-- it's a game, and you control the action! Instead of riding a steamboat in the depths of the congo with books like Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, find yourself on a steamship to the stars, with as many co-conspirators as you want to bring along! All you need is the book, some dice, a friend, and a little imagination! Of course, being an RPG, the more the merrier though, right? So invite the whole crew over and make a weekend of Venus or Mars, or start a campaign and live out the career of a man or woman eager for adventure and the riches of a vast, unknown frontier.

Of course, any game just about exploration and conquest might get old, right? In Space 1889, the pioneering spirit of the age is captured with flawless skill, incorporating countless historical points and figures and even going so far as to extrapolate the careers of famous men and women had they suddenly had access to the vastness of space. So create an inventor and become the next Edison, or take on a career as a detective and take Sherlock Holmes to the stars. You can even play a villain, career military, or a big-game hunter type, elephant gun, monocle and all! The possibilities are as endless as the possibilities in life, and each path has the potential for endless fun!

So sign up with the Kaiser, ride bareback with the American cowboys over martian desert, or march steadily into the frontiers of space with the intrepid elements of the British Empire. You create the characters, you create the game, and the possibilities are as vast as your imagination!


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