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Space Hooves

Updated on April 30, 2017

Benaiah gives W.S. Knight

space hooves. W.S. puts the space hooves on his incredible white horse.

The year is 2016. November.

The year is 2016. December.

What is Steward WH's website?

Dewjarls Society. Knight. Christians. I must save up as much money as I can. The Knight must decide his next move in this game of Space Chess.

I am the creator of Qwad Froth Squire.

W.S. Knight enters House of Locksmiths. W.S. is irate. He gets in a fight with the Clone. He kills the Clone.

Hey, it was self defense. He tried to hit me, so I killed him.

The asps will turn into moths. I hope they do so soon.

I must live in my new home

for at least 1 year.

The year is 2017. January.

The year is 2017. February.

Steward WH Lar Baronet

Preparation Day

Teacher Infinite Space Sector

W.S. Baronet comes up with an even better Strategy of Attack. The Team of Amethyst Tiger Knights are gaining a foothold.

C Orphancoat IV is from Utah. His Power Level is at a 968. He will die on or before April 2017.

C Orphancoat Jr. is from Utah. His Power Level is at an 813. He will die on or before June 2017.

C Orphanboa III is from Utah. His Power Level is at a 737. He will die on or before June 2017.

Space Chess Commence.

Teacher Infinite Space Sector. Red Clothing must be worn. Space Tuxedo outfits are allowed.

W.S. Baronet vs. Xandriana Momo. So far, the battles have been going in W.S.'s favor. He must keep his Team pushing forward and keep sending them after Xandriana's Clones. He's seeing a lot of victory recently.

I'm going to spice us up and have us wear Space Tuxedo outfits. As long as we keep getting victories, I'm satisfied. I am using you guys as a psychological sacrifice. However, you know that our duty is to rescue humanity. You are allowing me to continue to finance my Infinity Tower.

It's imperative that I build

this Infinity Tower. If I do, then humanity will benefit.

2017 - 2021 = Second Step.

2022 - 2031 = Third Step.

The Moon Tower = Earlting.

Now it's your turn to master Dewj Froth. What will you create?

Benaiah Knight is a Dewj Froth Master.

Will anyone ever be able to defeat QF Book 34?

Will anyone be able to find the Jasper Pearl? If it falls in the right hands, it can be used to eliminate Xandriana's DNA from existence.


The year is 2017. February.

Purple Dragon is increasing in power.

We must not let the Jasper Pearl explode.

Existential Space Sector

Existential Space Sector. Amethyst Clothing must be worn. Space Ninja outfits are allowed.

Jasper Pearl: 0/2000.

Earlting Womb = blessings of the womb.

A Star falls down from the skies. Amethyst Star. Benaiah has 4 Stars on her chest.

Topaz Pearl is conquered.

Now it's time for W.S. Baronet to give his book to someone else. W.S. gives his book to Jasper Tiger. Jasper Tiger is now granted with eternal life. He can no longer die.

Amethyst Monkey is now king of Amethyst Castle.

No longer is it referred to as the Book of W.S. Baronet. Now it's referred to as the Book of Jasper Tiger. Jasper Tiger reads in the book. Jasper Tiger teaches Amethyst Monkey to say Earlting. Jasper Tiger is forming a Team.

Conquer Equipment Space Sector

Equipment Space Sector has been conquered. Dark blue Clothng no longer has to be worn. It is optional. W.S. Baronet kills Xandriana and beheads her. He puts his Space Knight outfit in a glass case.

In the second alternate reality, W.S. Baronet defeats Xandriana Momo at Space Chess. 1 final alternate reality must be conquered as well.

Page 8/24 = Books 107 - 122.

Page 9/24 = Books 123 - 138.

Page 10/24 = Books 139 - 154.

There is 1 alternate reality in their Universe. The good guys win the second reality.1 Space. Existential Space Sector. 1 possible outcome.

Dark Fruits from Outer Space

have been eradicated from Equipment Space Sector. Not everyone is chipped.


Existential Space Sector.

Are you reading this? If so, consider yourself a Dewj Froth Master. You are a master of Dewj Froth.

Will anyone be able to find the Amethyst Pearl? The Topaz Pearl fell into the right hands.

If the Amethyst Pearl falls in the right hands,

it can be used to eliminate Xandriana's DNA from existence.


Amethyst Monkey is not to be messed with. Homeboy gets the job done.

Amethyst Sandca, Amethyst Sea Urchin, and Amethyst Monkey only exist in Existential Space Sector. Amethyst Lion only exists in Existential Space Sector.

Gold Dragon is slain.

A Mid-August Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

Me too! It's the most powerful Book on the face of this earth.

I know that's right brother

Classy Clad, I meant I'll be in the break room, brother - Matthew is an amazing book.

Verse 5? Verse 6? Verse 7? Verse 8?

Verse 6. We are learning the Everlasting Gospel from the King James Version!

Verse 8. Babylon = Rome. The Universal Church has tricked billions of people.

What's up brother

Not feeling good

Oh that's why you didn't come in to work

I thought you were on vacation

You feeling better brother

Sure enough man

Thanks for checking

No problem brother

Hey brother you awake

Yeah brother

About to drive back home

Where you go? out of town

Stayed at my parents' house - yep yep

That's cool brother



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