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SpaceFlight 2109

Updated on November 26, 2012
Where in the galaxy will we be able to go in 2109?
Where in the galaxy will we be able to go in 2109?

Imagine Space Travel of the Future...If you will:


Jupiter Base Command Center: "SpaceFlight 2109"...You are now cleared for departure. Taxi Out to Starpoint .00387. Stay on Impulse Power until reaching the Outer Orbital Marker...for Safe Distancing. You can begin bringing your Thrusters "On-Line" at the Starpoint. Saturn Base Alpha One has your Course Heading and Set Speed "Locked-In" to their Navigational Beacon. They are reporting all sectors clear along your flightpath. Your ETA is now: 17.05 hours of scheduled Flight Time until arrival into Saturn Orbital Markers. Your Homing Signal is strong. Have a Good Flight!"


“This is your Captain speaking, of "SpaceFlight 2109",

We are rocketing forward: All Thrust Engines are “On-Line”,

We just left our Waypoint...Galilean Satellite Orbital Station off Jupiter,

We’ll be docking at Saturn’s Alpha One StarBase in (-8) Days into the Future.

We will be headed out at Lightspeed Pulse X 3,

Strap in for a short burst...while we experience internal negative G.

Watch above you for the “On-Board Monitor” display sign,

Telling you when we’ve taken the Suspended Animation Beam: "Off-Line".

Just wanted to “Thank You” for flying with us on "American SpaceFlight 2109",

Looks like all Asteroid fields are clear ahead…We should be arriving right on time.”

“At American SpaceFlight…We strive harder than the rest,

To fulfill your travel needs on your galaxy destination quest.

We have weekly destinations leaving from the Moon to Mars,

At American…"We Always Lead the Way for You to Reach the Stars!"

When you have a minute…Please…look at our SpaceNet Web Brochure,

We would certainly like to be the provider of your next SpaceFlight Adventure.

We have been flying SpaceFlight Cruises since 2067,

Having been the first to pioneer SpaceFlight to the Public in 2011.

So sit back and enjoy your ride through time and space with us,

With American Spaceflight…you travel safe inside…On StarCruisers you can trust.”

“Looks like at this time, we have left the Orbital Jupiter Station far behind,

If you look above you will see, we have turned off the “Fasten Safety Harness” sign,

Please, feel free to move about the starship until we are on approach for standard orbit,

Keep an eye on the Time-to-Docking Clock, in every compartment…in case you forget,

Go back to your seats, when it begins tracking an approach time of T (minus) 60 minute.

Until then, Go see our SpaceFlight Mall…or check-out the Star Casino…and place a bet!

You might enjoy a swim in the anti-gravity pool…or a simulated space walk on top deck,

One of our Spacebots can equip an accelerated molecule massage collar for your neck,

Perhaps you feel like strapping on a jet pack to fly around in the force containment field,

Or for a quick tan…you can relax in one of our condensed solar ray booths, at low yield.

Whatever your spaceflight needs may be today, or whatever we can do to help your trip…

Please, let a Spacebot attendant know…Or just sit back awhile…We’ll be there in a zip!”

“Attention Ladies and Gentleman…this is another update from your Captain,

Glad to report; All systems good, and we will be docking shortly…once again.

The flight has been going as planned...The docking will commence in two hours;

We have been called for approach…by Saturn’s Alpha One StarBase Control Towers.

Our Grid sector is clear...No other spaceships are in the area, and we’ve been informed,

To reduce our thrusters...Cut back power...Every one on-board be advised and warned;

In an hour everyone will need to be sitting; “No More Smoking”; Safety harness’s ready...

Emergency Shuttle Craft doors are in raised position; Be prepared to evacuate...if need be.

Once again…I would like to…“Thank You”…for choosing to fly with us in Space today,

Look’s like the Saturn Base has forecasted good artificial weather; So…enjoy your stay!”


We have the imagination to do it...But dare us travel freely within our own Galaxy?

Real and Fictional Space Vehicles:

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