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Spaces To Fill

Updated on December 11, 2009

Spaces To Fill.


Spaces to fill
in the time I

have left to kill
in the span of my life
the bottoms of wine glasses

that taunt me
the blank pages that are

destined to be poems
that intimate clasp

of love expressed and often
the dumpster which could hold
all the accumulated crap

that is taking up space here
a helmet on the next flight to Mars
underwear that is sleek

enough to enhance all assets
and cause long lashed eyes t

o turn for another glance
bank accounts that are

a few scents above a skunk
file cabinets with lit matches

at the IRS buildings
shoes that feel like

warm mud and never hurt
a hand that wants long

walks and shared thoughts
in the silence of four

footsteps crunching sand

on a sunlit beach
a birdcage with a

singing parrot to harmonize
with my morning shower songs.....
the bellies of all of

the world's hungry children
filled with food that sustains them

till they can sustain themselves
a condom at least three times a week
and condomless at least three more.....
a blank check to a charity

that really helps people
an election ballot that doesn't

have a dick or a bush on it
a grave that isn't permanent
a belly sated with the

finest gourmet delights
a yard with flowers

of many outrageous colors
a jaguar with my very happy butt

sticking to the leather seats
the front lines of war zones

with child molesters and rapists
all wearing dubya masks

and holding unloaded weapons
a list of friends that

exceeds three pages
counterfeit money in

election campaign funds
execution dates on my calender

for bin laden's painful exit
a long talk with God at

his earliest convenience
Spaces to fill
in the time I have left to kill
before my span of life
is full and one last hole remains
please add your spaces to fill

in the comments box below

which is currently empty

and know the satisfaction

of fullfillment employed.



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