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Sparkling Beauty

Updated on March 21, 2019

For over two decades have I been composing songs for my local group, and I have been improving every passing seconds in the art

Pictorial in Brief

Cup in my hand
Cup in my hand
Hebron's Pool
Hebron's Pool
Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Sparkling Beauty

Author’s (Composer’s) Note: I do not know the conventional musical notes, I would have inscribed it on this to enhance readers’ musical sense and smooth rendition of the composed song, albeit, I have come up with a work around for the tune to use for the song using a common hymn known worldwide to sing this song. Thence, if anyone knows the hymn used, such a one is good to go in singing this composed song anywhere in the world.

The work around tune I have used for this song is the hymn beneath

“We love the place, O God

Wherein thine honor dwells

The joy of thine abode

All earthly joy excels”

The composed hymn is titled: Sparkling Beauty

  1. Oh thou may beloved

Am thine and thine alone

Because thine love to me

It is a sincere love

2. Am very certain that

My beloved loves me

He shows to me his love

In the early morning

3. Come thou my beloved

Stand up and let us go

Into the Greenfield farm

To do the sport of love

4. At the time of the evening

My lover will draw me

Closer to ‘self alone

And he will cuddle me

5. Look at my lover’s legs

How beautiful they are

In the shoes she puts on

Like the feet of a princess

6. Like a precious jewel

So joints of thy thigh is

The handiwork of the

Cunning workman reveal

7. Navel of my lover

It's like cup in my hand

That is full to the brim

Of freshly prepared wine

8. As the heap of the wheat

That’s surrounded by flowers

That’s how your belly look

Oh thou my chosen one

9. The breasts that’s on thine chest

Are standing uprightly

They are looking like twins

Of the young female deer

10. The neck of mine lover

It is similar to

The ivory tower

Which knows not a problem

11. The eyes of my lover

Its sparklingly shinning

The brightness of his face

Is like the Hebron’s pool

12. Just like the high tower

That’s very beautiful

That’s built on mountain

That’s how my love’s nose is

13. And when my beloved

Is lifted up his head

The head will be erect

Like the head of camel

14. And the hair of her head

Is purplish in color

And this beautiful hair

Held tightly heart of king

15. The breath that’s coming out

Of my beloved’s nose

Is like a pleasant smell

Oozing out of flowers

16. And when my beloved

Is standing on her feet

She is straight and resembling

A palm tree in wilderness

17. The mouth of my lover

Is abundantly good

E’en good than the wine

The best of all the wine

18. How beautiful art thou?

How attractive art thou?

Oh thou my beloved

In the sweetest of love

19. Come let’s make sport of love

Come let us talk of love

Come use your mouth of love

And use it to kiss me.


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