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Spawn Graphic Novel: Bloodfeud Reviewed

Updated on November 6, 2009

Spawn Bloodfeud Review

Spawn Bloodfeud Review. Image taken from copyright 2009.
Spawn Bloodfeud Review. Image taken from copyright 2009.

Bloodfeud A Graphic Novel Review

Bloodfeud is a graphic novel that features the popular character called Spawn which I also wrote all about the Hellspawn here, it was orginally a four issue mini series that has been collected and reprinted a few times since it's first printing and I only just found it and re-read it the other day in my comic book archives, I'd totally forgotten how cool comics were and still are, I wish I had the money to keep up my comic book collecting as I loved going to the comic store every two weeks and picking up my order, but now I order them to my door online maybe 3 times a year.

The story is about Spawn, but then it is tied directly into the first few years of the character and part of the history of Spawn and it is about a series of grisly murders that are happening all across the city and they are vampiric in nature and really gory too and naturally Spawn gets the blame and he even thinks it's to do with him and his living costume but then Heartless John the monster hunter shows up in town and comes after Spawn and so in the end it's up to Spawn to find out who is murdering people in the city and drinking their blood.

The series itself has that dark feel and when you buy the collected graphic novel you can see the story flow much better, written by Alan Moore(Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), a critically acclaimed writer who we see many of his great comics get turned into average films that even he isn't that happy with.

The art is by Tony Daniel (The Tenth) and is inked by Kevin Conrad who inks most of his stuff on and off for the Tenth which is another great comic books series I like, the pacing in the story is spot on and the writing is a compliment to the action of Daniels comic book pages.

This is a great story that fits into the Spawn universe and is one of his early adventures that is also quite an important turning point in the story of Spawn and how he later evolves and understands what he now has become.

Spawn is still going strong now, but I haven't kept up with the comic in years, but I hope to get back on track as I still like to capture that fantastic childhood of collecting and drawing from comic books all day and every day without any worries of bills and whether I'll find a job.

Spawn comics were my number one comic book back in the day and I even like the action figures that came out of Todds Toys as they were so detailed and realistically hand painted.

Alan Moore Spawn Comic Books, You'll Have To Search For Bloodfeud On Amazon

Spawn Bloodfeud Review

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yes the graphic novel format works quite well to collect a series or a story arc as you can eliminate any ads if you wish and put all the original cover art right at the back, so that the story moves from one chapter to the next and flows much better.

    • robertsloan2 profile image

      robertsloan2 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      That sounds wonderful. I love the graphic novel format, it's a lot more convenient for me than regular comics -- and I do love the genre, no question about it.