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Spider's Glasses

Updated on March 19, 2022

Cool Glasses for a spider.

My daughter who is in fourth grade told me this story and I wrote it down so that we could print it out for her to share at school. I revised it a small amount with her permission and help. I thought it was really creative and so put it on here to share.

Spider was cold but he didn’t shiver or shake. He simply put on his glasses , closed his eyes and concentrated very hard. He imagined a circle then he squinted his eyes very hard and imagined the circle changing and shifting into compressed shapes. Finally, when spider could no longer scrunch his eyes any tighter the circle he had imagined took it’s final shape.
Spider opened his eyes and smiled wide. The circle from his mind was right in front of his face. He lifted his head upward and saw the sparkly shape clearly. It had become a perfect snowflake and with it, many others now formed.

Spider was even more cold than he had been. The snowflakes dropped heavily and wetly and covered his feet and legs. He shook out his long skinny legs and the white powder flittered around and landed on his nose and his hair. The glasses he wore had snowflakes falling on them too and he wished his glasses were equipped with tiny windshield glasses cleaners. He took off his glasses and slipped them into his waist pouch. He would clean them inside and put them away until he wanted it to snow again.

Now that Spider had made it snow by concentrating very hard and wearing his special glasses, he decided to go inside his little hole and make a warm pot of stew. Just as he was about to turn aside and duck through his door, he heard some giant foot steps approaching.

All the little hairs on his body became stiff and his little heart began beating very fast. Spider knew the big, pounding steps meant danger.
Leaping like a kangaroo, spider quickly slipped down his hole and pulled his leafy door shut. He didn’t notice that the glasses in his pouch fell out and landed in a fluffy pile of accumulating snow.

The boy was having fun playing “throw the stone.” He had been running and bustling through the trees flinging his stone farther each time he threw it. Always, he caught up to the stone, picked it up and tossed it high into the blue sky. Suddenly a slight snow began to fall and it startled the boy. He asked himself how could it be snowing in July? The morning had been cooler than most but still, it puzzled him that snowflakes began appearing and falling right before his eyes on a sunny July morning.

The boy ran ahead and was confused by the wet frosty flakes , so confused that he forgot all about his game and he lost his stone.

Up ahead, the boy spotted something glistening in the sunlight. It was a different kind of sparkling object. It wasn’t a pile of snow that the sun was dancing off of, it was a tiny pair of glasses.

Spider was looking out of his peep-hole at his door to see what danger lurked nearby. When he saw the giant boy he gasped and almost ran away from his door in terror. However, he noticed out of the corner of his eyes a sparkling object lying on top of a heap of snow.

Oh no! he yelled out loud. Spider knew he was in trouble when he saw that he had lost his special glasses outside of the door. He knew he was in even more trouble when he realized the boy had saw the glasses too.

The boy opened his mouth in a big circle and his eyes were squinting real tight as he tried to pick up the tiny little glasses and inspect them.

He put out his index finger and thumb and plucked up the glasses and held them up to the remaining sunlight. The snow was covering him and he was really cold so his hands were shaking a little bit.

He wondered who had lost the tiny little glasses and he quickly looked around in hopes that the person who had lost them was still nearby.

He didn’t see anyone but he did see a scary, hairy spider crawling up his leg!

Spider had no other choice except to run bravely through his door and try to crawl up the boy to retrieve his glasses. He did it very fast so he wouldn’t have to think about it very long. He ran out the door and sped quickly right to the boys leg.

ARRGH! Shouted the boy. He lifted his leg and shook it with all his might. Spider clung tightly. He had to get his glasses back. He was very frightened but the special glasses could make snow and spider loved snow so he kept on climbing , higher and higher onto the boys shaking leg.

Get off of me! The boy shouted. He danced around and screamed and shook his leg and tried to swat the spider from his leg. In all the commotion he dropped the tiny glasses.

Spider saw the glasses falling and he was suddenly very worried that they would break from such a high fall. But luckily, it had snowed a whole lot and the little cushiony piles of snow all around made the landing of the glasses as soft as if they had landed on pillows of cotton.

As scared as spider had been to run out and jump onto the boy, he was now even more scared to just let go and fall down to the earth from the boy’s kicking leg. But Spider sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes tight. He let go of the boys leg and began falling to the ground below.

The boy saw the spider as it left his leg. He was so happy to get that big scary spider off of himself that he forgot all about the little glasses. All he wanted to do was get out of the snow and run home to his Mom and Dad. That is exactly what he did.

Spider landed just as softly as the glasses had , he zoomed over to them in a flash and picked them up. He put his special glasses on and held them tightly to his head with his free hands. Then, he ran once again into his little hole and closed the leafy door behind him. With a great big smile on his face and his heartbeat returning to normal, he locked his little glasses up in his safe and began making a pot of boiling stew.

Of course, both the boy and the spider lived happily ever after.

The End.


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