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Relay Writing: Spin around the Globe!

Updated on February 8, 2012

Spin Around the Globe

"I have too much I still want to do." Oh! Lord, I cried out. It is Monday and I still got to pack lunch in the mornings for my family and then continue with my cumbersome chore of cleaning and chugging the rickety rackety cart through the grocery aisles to shop for the ingredients for the meals to be prepared each weekday evenings.

Lord was quick to reply, “Weekday evenings? What about the Weekends?”

I knelt down and with my hands together; I replied with my head bowed down, “I am off my duties on Weekends.”

Lord smiled and said, “You are Lucky, to be off your regular chores on Weekends. So, what is the plan for the weekend then? Should we go for spin around the globe on Saturday?”

I was hesitant since; spin and motion sickness do not go together but could not argue with THE LORD. I agreed giving a nod and saying, “Okay, See you on Saturday at 9am. I will be ready for the spin of my life.”

Hearing the above, Lord disappeared.

I was nervous and did not want my day to end. But, the Sun set at it’s own time and the Moon rose as per the schedule. Everything was going normally as it should be, except for my heart, which wanted the time to freeze. Unfortunately that did not happen and Monday turned to Tuesday and the days seemed to pass by quickly. Friday evening, I was cleaning and scrubbing everything extraordinarily and my family became curious.

When asked, I told them that I have a date with the Lord and he plans on taking me on a trip around the globe.

My family was overjoyed to hear this. My better half asked me to charge my smart phone overnight so that I can take that along with me to take a lot of shots of the various hot spots around the globe. He asked me to keep posting it on Facebook so that everyone knew about my whereabouts.

Seeing the excitement and the encouragement from my family, my motion sickness took a back seat and I was ready for this spin of my life with the Lord. I went to my wardrobe to pick my finest outfit and tucked myself early into bed.

Next day, I woke up at the touch of dawn, got ready and finished my breakfast. I grabbed my smart phone from the charger and was waiting up for the Lord to arrive.

The sky was clear that day and I could see from a distance a space craft approaching towards me. I was excited and bid Adios to my family.


Here is your writing prompt –

I was excited and bit Adios to my family.

  • Create a new title (this one was- Spin Around the Globe)
  • Write a creative response (you decide point of view/genre/characters)
  • Identify the opening prompt and ending prompt - include the link
  • Have fun and enjoy reading the various responses!

NOTE - DO NOT copy anyone else's text...start with their ending prompt

you may copy and paste this portion, but you must edit the prompt and title.

Join in on the fun! See where it takes you and your reader. Be sure to link back to other continuations. :-)


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