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Spirit Of Life

Updated on September 11, 2012

Each Day We Give

What makes the world wonderful ?

The never ending love that we all share

A bond that is unbreakable no matter what has happened

We pull together and help one another

Through the toughest of times we find a way to hold our head high

In sacrifice and in sorrow

Our love grows for a better tomorrow

The number eleven stands tall like two towers

It has power and meaning and strength

It represents not one but two lines side by side

One is a reflection of the other but both our unique

Memories are vivid

My tears have turned to love

Anger has been replaced by peace

Years of pain have changed to strength

I sit silent and guiet and calm

Reflecting on a world where there is no harm

Remembering the day in my own special way

So many what if's and doubts

Eleven years later I have rekindled my own faith

In memory for all those who suffered

Their images border my life

They gave with their lives

They are not just people and names but love ones

Who we will think about often

Understanding and knowledge lead to the solution

With love for all people who protect us and keep us safe

So that we may look into the sky and see


Beautiful skies of blue and wonderful beauty

Where we remain safe and happy


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I am so happy to bring a little love where so much sadness is hidden.May we all find it in our hearts and minds to make this world a one of a kind.Thanx so much for reading.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      6 years ago from Great Britain

      This was amazing, Michael. Absolutely reached my heart.

      Bless you for writing it.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      kj force I didn't know they made it Patriotic Day.I think we all want to hug and hold our love ones close.Keeping everyone out of harms way.We keep on living and learning to make the world safer and bring out the best in everyone.I really appreciate your very kind words.shara63 Wow you really said it all.With great pride I say thank you very much.I love having so many friends from so many places who share so much happiness under one roof.Take care and the both of you have a wonderful night.

    • shara63 profile image


      6 years ago from Delhi

      one plus one makes eleven, one plus one makes a family & many families together make the society compliment each other, to live together, to help each other & to share all joys & woes that each and everyone is nourished and flourished well to be a perfect family of all self sufficient indivsuals! .......this is what i got from the poem, and it is really superb DREAM ON!

    • kj force profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      DREAM ON...Awesome words well of your best should submit to your local newspaper or magazine for publication..a very well written hub..

      don't know if you noticed but they gave 9-11 a name on the calendar...

      " Patriotic Day "...didn't observe much patriotism with flags etc..that's many people have put this " horrific incident " behind them..and want to just forget it !

      I applaud you for writing this..beautifully done, fellow American....


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