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Spit and Rage

Updated on December 12, 2009

Embedded in the soulless world of corporate whores, waiting to feed on the weak like vampires feasting on virgins' blood. The only light is that of the river flowing bright with the tears of their enemies. Proving that at last the incomprehensible failings of the human race has brought the world to its knees. Pale skies swim the ends of the earth; broad tides envelop the willingness to succeed.

Incandescent lives fade easily upon the mass production of society, burning away the truth in morals.

The intake valves pipe through the machine; feeding the toxins with babies breath to freeze the sun. Shepherdless the sheep follow the wolves mainframed into the pack as the green glow consumes all, giving the illusion of equality. Overshadowed intelligence by the nagging of cowardice, blooms with budding frenzy as the razor burns steadily increase in length. Stead fast and congregating along the walls that

portray the simple truths in which we so haplessly avoid. We create the rifts in which our loved ones are lost, breaking ties till ultimately we are alone.

This indeed is the destruction of the mighty race of man, uncaring and ruthless with no warnings to heed. A mechanical, computer imprisoned race bloated by their selfishness and claiming it as the will of God. Oh How the river does run red with the impure plague of human fallacies that crush the will of those who are true. Leaving the options to failure and giving up hope for false realities. Pain is the revolving door that spins this world. Love is but a memory in fairy tales of old.

This disgrace the machine has applied, hard wires the system to kill. And in the end all that's left of us is the remnants of lies and deceit embodied by nothing but dust and bones of a civilization of fools that failed themselves.

© 2009 Warren Curtis Daniels Jr


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