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Updated on August 29, 2012

Why do some people insist on polluting the world with spite?

These types are not hard to spot.

When the waters are calm and the skies are clear,

they will appear with their finger in the air.

With useful bits on how to live and what is right.

Often times they claim to know the intentions

that create the actions that lead peoples lives.

In my opinion to claim to know the thoughts and

intentions of others is not only ignorance, its outright stupidity.

How do they get the authority, let alone the audacity.

To say that they speak for the dead or the silent or they speak for me?!

So you can hear the whispers through the wind, rain and through the forest.

You also know whats best for most, and your probably gonna tell us.

Obviously you have the keys to the doorway to live flawlessly.

Dangle them some more, and keep tellin yourself you live honestly.


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