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Splash, Tink -A Poem

Updated on September 28, 2010

Watching the rain fall

Splash, tink, sprinkle, squish

Clouds gray as gravel lurking overhead

Rumbling thunder rolls through her body

Damp breeze chills his neck

Cracks and flashes of lightning

Tangle across the sky

Rain drizzles into currents puddles

ripples floods drips drops runs falls

dancing, gliding, spraying, frightening,

On the earth, the sea, and all

Today it lulls him to sleep,

Tonight it taps to her dreams,

Whispering secrets to keep

in the feathers of the pillow seams.

Their worlds are miles apart

But they sing the same song

They have but one heart

And their love only grows strong,

Though they're far away

They meet each other's needs

Together again someday

So they can just, BE.



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